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Monday, April 20, 2015

Gender Reveal Party!!!!

Finally!!!! Feel like I've been talking about this forever!!!

Well 2 weeks felt like forever since the day I delivered the envelope with the gender written in it to my sister!!! I've been guessing ever since! 

Friday night I shopped for the party, sporting my guess. Team blue ha! 

Then the party! See many pics below! 

We had a few games for the guests. We also had a door prize for 1 winner. They had to bring a pack of diapers to get a raffle ticket! Loved that idea! And love that I'm now stocked up! Thanks everyone!! 

The ladies had a blast! Just a fun light afternoon with amazing women! 

Oh and the kids had a blast being together all day. 

Then it was time!!!!! My husband went out to lunch with the guys so we facetimed him when it was time to reveal the gender!!! 

My sister and sister inlaw planned a great event! And it was perfect!!!! They rolled out a big box for me to open. 

Ahhhh and my gut was right all along!!!! Team blue for the win!!!!! Whew haha I would have felt terrible if I was wrong. 

Ha! Little k's face. He was upset that everyone was yelling, not that he's getting a baby brother haha!

Talking with my husband, he was on team blue since day one ha! 

My heart melts!! Tiny little hats!! Ohh brings me right back to the birth of little k! 

We are soo happy and excited! I'm also happy that I have everything from little k. Ha! I have only a short list of items we need! 

When my husband came back with the rest of the guys, the party continued! Music, food, fun! A celebration! I can continue using my hashtag #boymom !!! 

2 boys. Whoa. I'm still so overwhelmed with excitement! Making a party to find out the gender with loving family and friends all around is by far the best way to celebrate finding out! So much fun! 

Soon we will be a family of 4!!!! ♥️

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

13 weeks!

Pregnancy update! 

How far along: 13 weeks but I feel like I've been pregnant forever haha

Size of baby: Lime

Gender: can't wait to find out next month!

Sleep: no problem here! I am soo tired! Haha

Cravings: I have more food aversions than cravings. But in my cravings lists  it's anything salty but also strawberries and apples! 

We are so excited. Little K talks about the baby all the time. He will randomly kiss my belly and say he loves the baby. How sweet. ;)