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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Junior Kindergarden day 2!

 A full day of class today!

Today I wanted to drop off little k for his first full day of class. It was a little hard getting the 2 boys ready and out the door early. Little k took his toast to go and with the rain we hit traffic and ended up being 20mins late! Oops! 

Little k walked in and changed into his  indoor shoes and the ece teacher took him over to circle time. He even forgot to say bye to mommy! :( 

I was worried about him today because last night he was hyper and fought beftime and didn't have that many hours of sleep!

But I didn't need to worry! 

As I stood outside the Kindergarden gate with 30 other parents, the doors opened and the kids came flooding out. Little k, my little boy was the only one to yell loud and clear, Hi mama!!!!! With a big smile. Ohhh my heart!!! He also yelled out, did you buy my cake pop! Haha he made the other moms laugh. Yes, yes I did get that cake pop! He was happy. 

The ECE teacher told me that little k was snacking all day pretty much. Yup, sounds like him. 

The drive home I asked him about his day and he let me know that he went to the bathroom but didn't wash his hands ha, great. He played with the kids and ran too fast and fell and scraped his knee , he didn't cry. Soo cute! 

He pretty much finished his lunch.


Tomorrows lunch.

Can't wait to hear about tomorrows day! 
Daddy is doing drop offs from now on.

While little k was at school all day I spent the day with my baby boy. 

Tonight was a little rough with the new bedtime routine. Especially since all the kids on the street were playing outside. 
Ugh it was hard but little k was asleep at 8:15 and he will be well rested for his third day of school!