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Sunday, March 01, 2015

All moved in!

This weekend was the big move to the new house! 

We spent 4.5 months in the city at my moms house. We had a great time living there but we were soo excited to move back in our own home! 

Yesterday morning  as my husband was packing the SUV, I drove up to the new house to meet the movers. 

At 9:30am my house was crazy with people in and out! All our deliveries and the movers moving things from the storage bin into the house. I was coordinating placement of all the furniture. It was soo hectic! 

We had some of my family over later in the day too to help out. I couldn't do much other than direct everyone haha. But still I was exhausted! 

This morning we already ended up at the hardware store buying things we need! 

There's a lot to set up still but slowly we will get it all done. We are so excited.

Little k loves his new house and it's like he's been here forever. Showing everyone his new room.  

Tonight the first bath! 

Fun exhsusting weekend. It's an organizing week ahead!

Happy Monday friends!