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Sunday, March 01, 2015

All moved in!

This weekend was the big move to the new house! 

We spent 4.5 months in the city at my moms house. We had a great time living there but we were soo excited to move back in our own home! 

Yesterday morning  as my husband was packing the SUV, I drove up to the new house to meet the movers. 

At 9:30am my house was crazy with people in and out! All our deliveries and the movers moving things from the storage bin into the house. I was coordinating placement of all the furniture. It was soo hectic! 

We had some of my family over later in the day too to help out. I couldn't do much other than direct everyone haha. But still I was exhausted! 

This morning we already ended up at the hardware store buying things we need! 

There's a lot to set up still but slowly we will get it all done. We are so excited.

Little k loves his new house and it's like he's been here forever. Showing everyone his new room.  

Tonight the first bath! 

Fun exhsusting weekend. It's an organizing week ahead!

Happy Monday friends! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Moving day!

We are all moved out from our home! Our home will now be the home for the new owners. A family of 3 just like ours. I know they will love this home as we did! 

One thing I'll miss the most from this home is the view! 

Every season this view is beautiful! 

The move took us a week because we needed to put all our furniture in storage as our new home isn't finished yet! 

I was sooo impressed with little K. Amoungst the chaos of the moving weekend he was soooo good! Helping when he could or keeping himself entertained as we were busy moving things in and out. He was so patient with the constant traveling as we moved from point A to point B C D lol haha. 

As long as he had his toys he was one happy boy. Here's his newest dinosaur that wanted his pic taken. 
Haha! I love how straight little k was holding it to have his picture taken. Total cuteness! 

As each room was emptied, little k would walk through saying WHOA all gone, sofa all gone, shirts all gone, crib gone. Again, sooo impressed that he was really understanding that we were moving. 

Last night we went to pick up a few last things and took a final walkthrough. I was fine through the whole move until I walked around the empty home. Bhaaaa then I bursted into tears. We had so many great memories here with family and friends. Many great parties bringing our families closer together. Our new home will do the same! I'm excited for our future! 

Here are our goodbye pics. 

And the last thing to take from our home, and as little K says, "thank you Jesus" 

New beginnings for this little family... :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

We finally started!

Finally! We started packing. Only a Month to go! We started with the dining room and kitchen items we don't use often. 
I remember our last move, and um packing is the easy part... It's the unpacking that's the worst. But we'll get thru it! 

Little K was so curious about why we had all these boxes out. Of course he made one a into a "boat" and played hours in it ha!

Playing music in his boat 

Ha! Cutie.

Little K loves Zoe, they are adorable running around the house and playing haha and even cuter when they sit side by side so nicely. 

Looking over my pictures tonight made me think about little mans birthday. Its coming right up! 3! 3!!! We will most likely go with a dinosaur theme. Unless a new favorite thing comes up in the next month. Ha!

Love this little man! 

That's this morning saying CHEESE over breakfast :) 

Hope you all have a great week!