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Thursday, March 26, 2015

19 weeks!

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Woah what happened! Belly just popped out there!

Loving the belly rubs from my husband and little k. ♥️ I can't believe that my family of 3 will soon be 4!!!!!! 4!!!!! 

Size of baby:  Cantaloupe!

maternity clothes: Ok so I'm loving the maternity store, jeans, tights, dresses... I have bought a lot for only 19 weeks! I'm embracing my belly and showing it off! We are soo happy and excited and I know how fast this will all go. I want to enjoy every minute of it! 

Movement: Lots of movement. At this week with little K, I didn't feel much movement. This little one is moving around alot!

Cravings:They don't last very long, after I have something I've been craving it's then gone. Still more food aversions than anything.

But Brownies were delish today :) 

Best Moment so far: Is yet to come! Finding out the gender soon! BUT we all won't find out until our Gender Reveal party! The technician will write it out for me and I'll hand it over to my sister.  She will be the only one that will know! And she will reveal it at the party!!! EEEEE. We are all SOOOO VERY Excited!

This mama thinks boy! Haha. Can't wait to find out! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

By the Lake

Last weekend we took little K down for a walk by the lake. It was such a beautiful day. We haven't been down in the area for a while. Years ago we use to go often, and 4/5 years ago my sister and I use to rollerblade there. Ahh I miss that! 

We sat by the lake and talked our future. Little K loved it and didn't want to leave

Making wishes! 

Love this adorable little boy! He's so grown up and surprises me daily! He puts a smile on my face everyday! 

And how cute was little k with our newest little cousin

He was soo excited to hold the little baby and was so gentle. Ahhh totally melted my heart!