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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Neighborhood Tranquility

Last weekend we found out that just steps away from our home leads us to a beautiful trail! We love walking in trails and usually drive to different parks around the city. Now we have one right in our neighborhood! 

So many big trees, it's so peaceful. 

 The trail still needs some work, we can't wait for it to be completed. It's great now but once they are done beautifying it even more it will be that much better :) 

We found a froggy
Little k loves nature walks. He's learning so much about nature in school, that's all we hear. Ha! "Look mom it's nature" haha 

It's a pretty long trail, great exercise and little k loved riding his 4 wheeler. 

Back on our street little k and his friends love switching cars. 
Ha! Love this pic! Neighborhood watch! 

Our little helper, watering the grass.

There's a little nest in our tree too!

Our backyard isn't complete yet, but we did get a fence which is great! 

My ideas of designing of the backyard changed from last year, we are still working on what will be best for both is and the kids. We have a lot of drawings ha! 
For now it's all about the kids, backyard fun! 

Oh and little set for Michael 

The kids have a blast jumping around. 

We are excited for a lot of summer fun!!