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Friday, October 26, 2012

What I learned this year as a first time mom

My little boy turns one tomorrow!

Today I'm preparing for his party. The year flew by!!! Last year at this time i had nooo idea what being a mom was about! No clue how to care for a baby. Here we are, a whole year later!!

Here are just some things I learned this year.

I learned what patience is. I never really understood that until my sweet baby came along haha!

I learned that no book and no matter what has worked for others just won't work on you my little one. You go against the norm it seems and 12 months later I finally accepted that haha

Things like, fill up his tummy and he will sleep longer... You will not sleep better on a full tummy it's uncomfortable for you! And you will wake up sooner!

Cry it out... Nope. You will never stop crying and get very wound up that it will take much longer to calm you after that. And that was not fun to try.

Bottle? Forget that! after a week of giving you the bottle and breast you made sure to let us know that nursing from mama is what you wanted. You never took a bottle since!

Store bought baby food...?You always wanted home cooked. And I learned to make your food and I love making you all your meals!

I learned that I have separation anxiety haha and never want to leave you which is making going back to work sooooooo hard for me.

I learned that I can actually function on very little sleep haha for now.

I learned that all babies are different and reach their milestones at different times. It can not be forced and it will always be reached just wait, because it's always a surprise and happens over night!

I learned that breastfeeding has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. Hard to start and hard to wean!

I learned that you really do call the shots, no matter what is planned for the day... You come first.

I learned that if something works, stick to it!

I learned to never say never. Because with a child, you never know! Ha!

I learned to let go and just be.

I learned that I will learn as I go.

I learned that it's ok! My way, your way whatever way is ok!

I learned that social media is what kept me sane during those long nights up with baby.

I learned to never get use to any one way. Baby you are always changing and we love that but it also makes life interesting and we constantly need to adjust! Haha but that only means you are growing! ;)

I've learned a different kind of love this year.

I learned to be happy with the simplest things, like when you try new foods or learn new things or when you happily play with your toys, it totally makes my day.

I've learned that being a mom can be exhausting, babies keep us busy! but it's also the most rewarding!

I learned that time goes by soo fast! Because tomorrow you will be one!!!!!


We love you sooo much baby boy!