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Friday, July 29, 2016

Baby steps!

Baby boy took his first steps today!!!
Oh my heart! This little was on the fast track since he was born. Zooming through milestones. 

I feel like I just gave birth to him. My baby boy! 

Now today as I was vacuuming he got excited and took about 4 steps towards me!

I took a picture then slid over to video and little k came running to tackle his brother in all the excitement, ha! 

He didn't do it again tonight! But he was practicing with his toys pushing them around. 

I'll get that video! 

Big brother was so excited to see his little brother walk. We laughed and laughed and baby M's serious face and fists up and wide leg stance heehee

These kiddos melt my heart!

I changed some of my frames around the house to put their pictures in every room. We will be doing professional pics soon. I can't wait for that!

This week flew by. We had play dates and swimming and enjoyed the hot summer days! 

We had our Weekly sushi for little k, he loves sushi and he's always asking for it! 

We had ice cream with family 

So much more planned for this long weekend! 

Have a great weekend friends! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

11 months old!

Baby boy is 11 months! 
Already!! I know! 

So baby M, what are you up to! 

You have 8 teeth! 4 top 4 bottom.

You weigh 21lbs and in 12-18 month clothing. 

You are sooo sweet! A calm happy baby but you fight for what you want, ha! 

You are learning from big brother everyday and it's truly the most amazing thing to watch.

You are still nursing a lot! You do not want to give that up at all! 

You eat a variety of foods except dairy because of your allergy. You love love to eat! 

You are trying to walk! You balance and try to take a step. You are practicing daily!

You are my little butterball and you get 1 million kisses from all of us. 

Your big brother loves teaching you new things. 

You guys are best buds.

You come along everywhere with us of course, and you love being out an about.

Although you aren't to crazy about your car seat these days. :/ hope that passes quick! 

We are over the moon for you baby M! We love you Sooo much! 

The big 1 is coming up! Birthday planning is on full force! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

What I learned this year as a first time mom

My little boy turns one tomorrow!

Today I'm preparing for his party. The year flew by!!! Last year at this time i had nooo idea what being a mom was about! No clue how to care for a baby. Here we are, a whole year later!!

Here are just some things I learned this year.

I learned what patience is. I never really understood that until my sweet baby came along haha!

I learned that no book and no matter what has worked for others just won't work on you my little one. You go against the norm it seems and 12 months later I finally accepted that haha

Things like, fill up his tummy and he will sleep longer... You will not sleep better on a full tummy it's uncomfortable for you! And you will wake up sooner!

Cry it out... Nope. You will never stop crying and get very wound up that it will take much longer to calm you after that. And that was not fun to try.

Bottle? Forget that! after a week of giving you the bottle and breast you made sure to let us know that nursing from mama is what you wanted. You never took a bottle since!

Store bought baby food...?You always wanted home cooked. And I learned to make your food and I love making you all your meals!

I learned that I have separation anxiety haha and never want to leave you which is making going back to work sooooooo hard for me.

I learned that I can actually function on very little sleep haha for now.

I learned that all babies are different and reach their milestones at different times. It can not be forced and it will always be reached just wait, because it's always a surprise and happens over night!

I learned that breastfeeding has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. Hard to start and hard to wean!

I learned that you really do call the shots, no matter what is planned for the day... You come first.

I learned that if something works, stick to it!

I learned to never say never. Because with a child, you never know! Ha!

I learned to let go and just be.

I learned that I will learn as I go.

I learned that it's ok! My way, your way whatever way is ok!

I learned that social media is what kept me sane during those long nights up with baby.

I learned to never get use to any one way. Baby you are always changing and we love that but it also makes life interesting and we constantly need to adjust! Haha but that only means you are growing! ;)

I've learned a different kind of love this year.

I learned to be happy with the simplest things, like when you try new foods or learn new things or when you happily play with your toys, it totally makes my day.

I've learned that being a mom can be exhausting, babies keep us busy! but it's also the most rewarding!

I learned that time goes by soo fast! Because tomorrow you will be one!!!!!


We love you sooo much baby boy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extra space for baby

Baby K is just all over the place these days so yesterday we moved the ottoman out of the way for him to have more space and throw around his toys ha! I also got 2 storage ottomans for his toys.

I still love using the playpen especially when I need to cook. He still loves to play in it so I'll keep it around for a little while more.

In 4 days my little boy will be 1 ! 1 !!!!!!

Today was a beautiful day and we had to stop by city hall for a bit this afternoon. It's a beautiful warm fall day which so we took advantage staying out this afternoon before nap time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Work and daycare after maternity leave

We are counting down these days! 2 weeks until daycare!!! I had the extra month home with my little one but the feelings are exactly the same as they were before!

Again, I know how lucky we are here in Canada to even get that 1 year maternity leave! And I was lucky enough to be able to take some extra time on top of that. But why to I feel like its not enough! He won't be a baby forever! I guess I don't want to miss a thing!

When they talk about separation anxiety in babies, I think they should be talking about moms... Moms like me. Ha!

I love spending my days with my little guy. He is learning and growing soo fast!

He follows some simple commands these days and it's amazing to watch.

He will sip his water when I tell him to drink his water. He will tickle himself when I tell him to tickle tickle. He combs his hair. Points the remote to change the channel. He will feed you when you ask for some. He says BA while waving bye. These are just some of those adorable things he does. It's cute!!!

Baby K will love daycare too, that I know. He loves being around people and he is so social. The extra month I had off with him got him daytime weaned so in that department we are good too.

I know we will adjust. Many of you have gone through the same thing. Many have given me some tips and remind me that I will get a new routine going that will work. The anxiety of the approaching change is just overwhelming!

And if you haven't noticed from reading my blog, I have some issues when dealing with change. Which is now even harder.

With a child my decisions don't just involve me! When I think about work I think about when to start my work day and finish making it the best scenario for my baby. I don't want to work so far away from his daycare either! These things never mattered before but are now the kind of things that I think about!

Sigh, I may have many bloggy meltdowns be prepared friends haha ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sad Teething Baby around here

Last night was rough around here. Kristian was waking up crying and screaming with his hands in his mouth and tugging his ear every 1-2 hours.
Daddy was helping too but nothing helped. I gave some Tylenol and pretty much nursed all night long. Mama is exhausted!

He has been ok during the day, a little cranky. I'm trying to distract him. I found his Baltic Amber anklet and put it on him. Hope it helps!

It's heart breaking when they are in pain.

How do you soothe your teething baby ?

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend stuffings!

Stuffings as in stuffing our faces with delicious food all weekend!

Saturday we went to the fall fair. It was pretty cold and windy so we did not stay long. We had bought about 11 tickets for the rides they had at the fair... funny that we didn't really think about which rides little Kristian could go on... which was just 1 haha! So as some kids walked passed me I gave them our tickets, they were soo happy :) We walked around and had corn on the cob and bought apple pie too. Once we got home we were soo tired! So we decided to order take-out at our favorite Italian restaurant and have a mini pre Thanksgiving dinner with our little family. 

Mini Horse, had a heart shape on his bum lol so cute

Calamari, Pizza and Pasta! A feast!

Sunday was Thankgiving lunch at my granparents house. Always so much fun with my family. Laughing, telling stories. Watching the kids play. It was soo nice. It was my grandmothers birthday last week, so we had a cake for her too!

Cousin Love
My niece showing off her cowboy boots
Hugs for Nonna!


Then Monday was Thanksgiving lunch at my inlaws. Delicious Turkey lunch! We were sooo stuffed!

Kristian was soo good the whole weekend. One thing this boy loves,  is to EAT! he loved all the new foods he ate this weekend. Especially the Turkey. He is having leftovers for lunch today and he keeps asking for more!
The weekend was busy and Kristian's naps were all over which made his bedtime all over too. Today we should be back on track!... I hope!

We had a lot of fun this weekend, but like always it went by way too fast!!! Kristian's First Birthday is getting closer!!! 

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Baby is 11 Months Old!

Kristian! You are 11 months old today!

So what is new!?

You weigh 18lbs and in 9-12 month clothes. Size 4 diapers.

You have 4 top teeth and 2 bottom ones.

You are crawling like crazy and love to stand! you balance all the time now not holding anything!

You love to copy us and we get a good laugh. You comb your hair with the brush and now shake your head yes or no and laugh hysterically when you do NO. You say no as 'NnDa' and you say mama especially when you want to nurse or nap.

We watch BabyFirst Tv episodes and you follow along so well. You do what they say when it's time to clap or wave hi/bye. You always clap when you hear someone say 'yayyy' it's adorable. You love giving me kisses and hugs. You are doing new things everyday!

You eat everything these days, and I can't even get a spoon near you, you will get mad. You love to sit, feed yourself and relax. Which I love, because I relax too! You eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and sometimes a snack. You beg for food that anyone has, and they must share or you get upset ha! You will share too if we ask you to feed us, you'll drop food in our mouth haha! You still nurse, and we go forward and backward with weaning. You nurse anywhere from 3-5 times a day.

You finally grab and drink the sippy cup on your own, whooo! You drink water or milk.

You loveee to take a bath and splash around. You cry when we take you out. You would stay in there for sooo long haha.

Your sleep is all over, depending on teething especially. But the last couple nights you have been sleeping great! Waking only twice briefly and our wakeup time 730-830am

You always wake up so happy waving HI when we come get you.

We love your little personality, you are sooo sweet. Even with your new bossiness of not stoping till you get what you want. We love that too!

You melt my heart everyday!! I love bring your mom!

Taking your 11 month pics were pretty hard this morning! You have soo much energy!