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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shopping, babies,Party and Oscar weekend

I thought I would have had a better grasp on my schedule in the New Year but if you read my blog you can see that... nope... I do not. But it has been a very fun beginning to the new year.

Saturday I spent the day with my sister shopping! I bought a spring jacket ( now we just need the spring!) I bought some tops for layering, a pair of pants and shoes too! Our shopping day left us both exhausted!

(Spring is not in sight! Yesterday we had a little snow storm.)

We also went to visit my bff and her new baby boy! Both mom and baby are doing well :)
Me and baby A...

Look how adorable he is!

My eating has not been great this weekend... I did make a good BF yesterday (whole wheat english muffin, a piece of cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs with a tbsp of coconut oil, with cucumber and tomatoes on the side....

but I cheated... a lot! Especially with these cupcakes for my nieces birthday party. My sister made them and they were to die for!!

My niece had her skating bday party today. And Boy, taking care of energetic kids has me pooped!

Now it's time to relax and watch the Oscars!! What movie are you hoping to win a Oscar? I hope Social Network wins!!