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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Health and Wellness INSIDE OUT

When it comes to our overall health, we can't forget about our Mental Health!

Health and Wellness 100% starts from the inside. The foods we feed our bodies, the daily choices we make, the way we speak to ourselves, how we treat ourselves, how we treat others.

I've been reading Personal Development books ever since I was a teenager! I've been working on ME, ever since I can remember. I have been to therapy to help me grow from my trauma. It’s set me free from my limiting beliefs and has helped me learn how to grow and understand that learning and growing never stops! I'm always picking up a new book, or audio book. I want to hear other peoples stories. I love being reminded that we are STRONG, and WE CAN DO ANYTHING we put our MIND to! No one is perfect, we are all just trying to live our best life. We make mistakes, then grow from those mistakes. Life will throw us a curve ball now and again. How will we react to them? Some harder than others too.

Now more than ever, I have my book selection at my fingertips! As soon as I finish one, I'm on to the next. Our minds need the training, just as much as our bodies do!

Every book I read, teaches me something new. My latest book was Mastering Your Mean Girl. And boy does my mean girl like to take a hold over me sometimes. This book reminded me to lead with love. It can get confusing at times, so I've been repeating to myself "lead with love""respond in love" . Do I always? Nope, I'm still learning haha. This is life though. Learning, growing and evolving.

Are you reading any books right now? Drop me a comment below. I'll add what you recommend to my list!

Here's my list of my current Personal Development Books!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nutrient packed toddler meals

Making meals for a growing toddler gets tough some days. Baby K is good and eats most foods. He usually eats what I make for the family which makes life easy.

Since he has been sick with the flu the past couple months on and off I want to make sure he getting a lot of needed nutrients to help boost immunity!

He loves his fruits and veggies so I'm adding a lot more berries and green veggies like kale and broccoli. He is crazy for blueberries and if he sees them before his meal it's over and he will only want the blueberries ha!

We made kale chips the other night and baby k loved them! So that's a new item we added to our menu.

Now that we have the juicer I will make him fresh juice to sip too (kids should not drink more than 5oz of juice a day, I diluted the juice with water as well)

Fats are very important for a growing baby. Healthy fats like avocado. Baby K loves avocado and sometimes I spread it on his toast too.

Every week I'm looking for new healthy recipes and menu plans for baby K. If you have any meal ideas send them over my way!

A new recipe I found was chicken/veggie meatballs. I will try them this weekend and let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 goals vision board!

2013 goals... I still haven't fully written them out. I usually do every first week of January, I've been doing that for years! But this year all 22 days of it has been so hectic.

I looked over my last years goals and I have achieved 5 of goals I wrote down. Which made me feel great. Yay!

Instead of writing my goals this year I decided that I will put my goals with pictures on my vision board. That way I can take a look at them everyday! I'm getting to work on that today!

One goal that I will discuss weekly on my blog is weight loss goals. Daily lifestyle changes/goals.

Life is different with a little one, more busy, less sleep, less time for things like working out. Balancing it all can get a little crazy and you always need room to tweak and adjust the routine because let's face it the baby makes the rules here ha!

Here are my simply put daily goals:

Eating healthy- home cooking
Adding things like daily probiotics, chia seeds, and cooking with coconut oil and olive oil.

Juicing weekly for added nutrients
Exercise 2-3x a week
Increase daily water intake.

Mini goal- to drop 10lbs by spring.

Seems easy enough right ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby knows best?

My little guy ate a whole little container of blueberries yesterday (cut in half). Everytime he was done he cried for more.

It amazes me each time I feed him different foods. He loves the good stuff. I know that babies change all the time. (oh do I know that) But right now my little guy loves pretty much all fruits, veggies, beans, whole grain toast with cheese.... He gobbles it all up and always asks for more.

With our sorta- trying -not succeeding-don't know what I want to accomplish- weaning-sleep training going on (haha!) meal time has been a calm relaxing thing around here. Where we can both sit and chow down without any fuss.

Today I'm steaming zucchini and butternut squash. I also bought more delicious blueberries and avocado today.

What foods do your babies love?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday!

I haven't been doing too well with fitness friday. I did however accomplish the goal of no sweets for the week because I was still recovering from the food poisoning I had last weekend.

My tummy has been sensitive and I haven't been able to eat much.

With that said, I lost 5 lbs haha Whohoo! But it was nooo fun.

I'm hoping to really get back on track next week!

Next weeks goal is to Do three sets of planks for 60 seconds each, each day. Eeek! Let's see how I do with that!

Have a good weekend everyone! We have a busy one with 2 birthdays and a baby shower ;)

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The best part of being pregnant is

 The best part of my days are Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and Snacks ahahahh! My food aversions have been off and on throughout my whole pregnancy, but this week I've had nooo problem!

This weeks obsession. Dad's chewy cookies. These are delicious! I love milk, but I can only drink milk combined with a sweet snack. It's been that way for me since I was a kid. Do you do the same thing?

The other night I made sure to fill up on lots of greens too.  I made my favorite dish, Thai Coconut Red Curry Shrimp, I added lots of fresh broccoli and Kale! With a side of rice and Avocado. Yum!

Yesterday I went to visit my friend and her little man. He is growing so fast!!! Soo adorable! We walked over to a nearby Wing place.
 We ordered wings and fries! I was in heaven! MMM MMM

I think it will be tough getting back on track after baby is born... it's been nice not counting calories while preggo.

Tomorrow I will blog about my 31 week update!

Happy September!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The baby is kicking so much!

So the last couple weeks I was still feeling only light taps from baby K, nothing too strong... But that all changed yesterday morning at 5am! The baby was kicking hard enough to #1 wake me up at 5am and #2 have the husband feel it too! That was a first! I think Zoe liked it too. ha! Yesterday she came at sat right on my belly and the baby was kicking around. Poor Zoe is in for a surprise when baby K arrives haha!

Tomorrow I'll be 26 weeks and I'm approaching my third trimester. I noticed that my appetite is much more demanding but I also find that the food aversions symptom is back. Some things just taste so weird to me. Nevertheless I still find the foods that I love and gobble them up.

My favorite day time snack ha!
Last nights dinner, spicy chicken, rice and potatoes!
One of the delicious lunches I made this week. I had 2 plates of this! Whole grain pasta :)

Tomorrow I'll blog about my 26 week update and I'll step on the scary scale... hmm or maybe not we'll see ha!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

22 week doctors appointment was great!

Today I had an appointment with the OB. She told me my results were perfect! She also measured my belly and said it's the perfect size! I'm a happy momma! I left there feeling great!

She also told me I could sleep anyway I want, and if I'm most comfortable on my back then so be it! The back it will be! :)

My weigh in today brings me to a 21 lbs gain.  It's funny because I can actually say this is the first time in my life that I actually LOVE my body. I joke about the weight gain and the stretch marks ain't pretty... But I honestly don't care at all! As long as doctor says I'm healthy I'm totally embracing this pregnancy and it's such a gift! I'm soo happy to be experiencing all of it!  (haha i know most mamas are saying "oh wait till the 9th month haha, and I'm sure I'll be laughing trying to lose all the weight later ;) ) But you know what I mean! For once I'm wearing tight tops showing off a growing belly and I love it!

At the OB office there were soo many preggos dressed soo cute for the summer, Big, small all sizes of bellies with the cutest outfits.

While I was out today I went to see some swings at Toys R us. I've been going crazy deciding on one. All moms have different opinions on them.

So I finally decided on this one! It's a 2 in 1. Swing and bouncer! It has good reviews and has a bunch of features I was looking for :)

I also am trying to add more fruit and veggies to my diet. The last couple weeks I've been eating everything but those!

So yesterday I went to a local farmers market and bought cherries, peaches and cucumbers. They are yummy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smoothie Time!

 It's smooothie time! The weather is warm and staying cool with a fruit smoothie is best!

So Yesterday I made a smoothie and this morning I also made one for breakfast. 
I added mixed frozen fruits (strawberries/melon/peaches) along with blueberries and a banana oh and frozen broccoli and milk (nice mixture huh ha!) . 
Healthy smoothie for me and baby! We will have one every morning for breakfast along with our must have bagel or toast.
 Do you make smoothies?

Tonight is a work night for me, but so far Zoe and I read blogs most the evening and sat on the porch for a bit stalking adorable families at the park haha!

I need to get some work done!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 30, 2011

17 weeks!

(17 weeks 1 day pic)
This week!
How Far Along: 17 weeks 3 days!
Size of baby: Sweet Potato!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: haven't weighed myself this week ...(But funny story below)
Sleep: Better! whoohoo. Except for last night (see below)
Symptoms: Rosy cheeks. However I just have it in the morning and by the afternoon my skin is back to it's pale self. ahah!
Cravings: Appetite is back! and I haven't had too many food aversions. I'm loving cold things like ice caps and smoothies! The last couple months I couldn't finish a whole dish, and yesterday I ate my whole dinner yum!

Some new items:

My mom went to Montreal last weekend and she bought this for the baby. How cute... and yes I do love poutine mmmmm! (french fries topped with cheese and smothered in gravy... so not healthy but delicious!)

Last night I had a sleepless night... because many of my symptoms are going away now (I know second trimester things are better) But I guess it made me worry. I had bad dreams and woke up crying and sooo worried I didn't sleep at all! (Hormones? I guess so ha!)

So I took the day off to visit my doctor. My OB wasn't in so I went to my family doctor. For those of you that read my blog you know my doctor is 80 years old and very old school and very direct.

We heard the heart beat.. well she did, I couldn't really tell, but she said it was there and not to worry.

She then told me to swim everyday (hmm ok, like I don't have a job or a life lol) If I had my own pool then I would haha! She also said to watch my weight especially since my weight was high for me pre-preg. She said at my weight now I can starve and the baby will be fine.... UMMMM ok! SO I will faint all over. I'll take a grain of truth and be more aware of what I eat and go for more walks, but in this area I will follow what my OB says and so far my OB is not concerned at all. I've read enough pregnancy books and I also read the research done on fetus's that were deprived of food come out expecting no food will be available, and the truth is, there is food. These babies are then more likely to grow up obese because of this. Of course the same goes for moms that eat a lot of sugar. I don't go crazy following everything I read, because it will make me crazy. But geez, there's a balance lady!

Lucky I have a good sense of humor and not an obsessive person, so these things just roll right off me.

So that was my fun morning haha! I then spent an hour at Toys R Us looking at car seats and baby products. I also napped all afternoon. It was nice.

Hope you all had a good Monday.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is the baby a picky eater?

 I'm in the second trimester and although I read that it should get easier I find that I can't tell what my body wants. Every meal is a challenge! Yesterday I had a yummy lunch and I was good with it, but at dinner I could not decide. Everything I thought of I didn't want... So I ended up only eating 2 pieces of these...
 I've been reading this book The 100 Healthiest Foods... And it's helped a lot.  However I have changed soo much! I was never a picky eater, I would eat anything that taste good and I always loved sweets... But now it seems I'm the opposite. I can neverrr decide on what I want to eat, so many things I use to eat before I don't like anymore like peanut butter and jam and I eat much less sweets now than I did before I was pregnant haha! Does this mean my little one will be a picky eater ha!  I hope not!
Foods for second trimester that I love... Avocado, carrots, chickpeas, and Romaine Lettuce. The list is longer but those are all I can stomach these days. This week I'm over the strawberries I use to love last week.

It is a pretty interesting journey and it's so funny how everyday is so different. The one thing I'm learning, or trying to learn, is listening to my body... Hi body and baby WTH do you want to eat!?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tuesday Rambling

I've been off work for a couple days, nothing special just me time. It's been so nice and relaxing. I'm sitting watching TV and blogging while snacking on fruit... Oh boy I could get use to this.

I also decided to throw together veggies and chicken into the slowcooker for some delicious chicken soup. It's smelling soo good! I set it on low for 8 hours so it will be ready for dinner tonight :)
My SIL always send me pics of my goddaughter, she is just too sweet. Yesterday she wiggled off her mat and ended up under the chair. She was stuck and was getting so frustrated hahah! look at her face, poor thing.
I could just squish those cheeks!

This is a pic of me when I was a baby (haha!) I think baby M has my cheeks ;)
Hope you all are having a good week.

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow.... sigh....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sick couple of weeks!

The past couple weeks it's been about fighting the flu here.

So we are making sure to get as many vitamins in us as we can!

Husband was really sick yesterday and is feeling a little better today. Having the flu is no fun!

Cooking at home this week is going well. I bought a lot of quick and easy type foods so I can still make dinner on those extras busy evenings. So far so good!

Dinner Tonight:
Baked Spicy Chicken Legs
Veggies and Salad.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Sunday In

Today I used my Sunday to catch up with household stuff and side biz stuff.

Today started great with my husband making us delicious lattes! We were tempted to go out for BF but decided that Sunday should be our day in. Today we made sure to cook all meals at home. For lunch I made oven baked potatoes and chicken and samosas on the side. I made brownies for dessert! And Applesauce too. YUM!
Yesterday I went with my sister to book her bridal shower for next year. Time really feels like it's flying and her wedding will be here in no time!! I can't wait!

After that we went for BF and with full bellies we then hit the mall. I bought new tights and a new colorful tank. I'm excited for this years fashion. I'm loving the long summer dresses and floral designs and the sandals. I have my eye on so many items and can't wait to get back to the mall, just need this weather to change!
It feels like we'll never get warmer weather here :( ... Last week we had a snow storm! and it's so cold too burr!... grr!
Go away cold weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got another new item this weekend.... A new hair straightener!! My MIL is a hair dresser and ordered me this.
It's amazing! I love it! It goes up to 450F! yikes!

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. I'll be going out grocery shopping soon and planning this weeks meals. I'll blog about that during the week :)