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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Baby Physiotherapy

Baby M has a condition called Torticollis. It's basically a stiff neck that has him tilted to the right.
In many cases it's from the position when he was in the uterus. He just preferred tilting to the right, right from birth. 

Our doctor spotted this when he was 2 months old and gave us some exercises to do on a daily basis as well as physiotherapy.

His therapy began today, finally after an assessment and long wait!

Our therapist worked with him today and taught me how to do some of the exercises.

 He will have Physio every 2 weeks for now. But she said that he is doing great and really strong, so he's coming out of it on his own too! 

Baby M was sooooo good! He is a very relaxed calm baby once fed and up from a nap. He loved the attention he was getting today and had no problem showing off his ability to hold his head up, stretch and grab some toys.

We even got him this funny looking hat to help him avoid turning right when he is laying down supervised.

He is growing and getting stronger and stronger!

Our Big Boy!