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Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend fun

It's been a week since I've  posted! 

We had a busy week and I didn't have much time to blog...

Little k had his ears checked, his tubes are still intact and look good. Yay! 

He was so good at the doctors office doing the hearing tests so he got to pick where he wanted to go for dinner. 
He wanted sushi! 
He loves salmon and shrimp sashimi, miso soup,edamame, beef terreaki, rice, and always tries new rolls to see if he likes them. I hope baby M is as good as little k has always been eating out! 

Friday night they had a tree lighting street festival in our neighborhood.

There was hot chocolate and candy apples and many other treats! So many people gathered all around as the band played  Christmas carols. It was Soo nice! It felt like a hallmark movie. Which by the way I am obsessed with the Hallmark channel and all the Christmas movies. 

Then we went home to put up our Santa and the Star shower lighting! I've tried 2 methods of putting a wreath on my door and both failed. So we will nail it on! Ha! 

One thing we love to do as a family is sit together for breakfast just talking about everything and anything. When we have no plans to rush out, we sit for hours at the table together. I hope this continues well into the teenage years haha yes I think that far! My husband and I love making new traditions that fit our little family. 

My babies Saturday morning :) little k needs to have his baby brother siting beside him. 

Last month we began the process of making our own wine. The company does all the dirty work and we went in on the weekend to bottle the wine that was ready! We bottled 15 bottles of Pinot Noir! Little k loved helping too! 

Wine pumps in the bottles 
Then we cork it

Then we label it! 

So much fun! 

We also had cousin fun this weekend! 

These kiddos were fighting over baby M too! How could they not! 

This little face! Love my babies! 

Have a great Week friends!