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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Anniversary! ... To us!

Today is our 8 year anniversary! 

 8!! God has a plan, those are the words I remember clearly the priest telling us on our wedding day. I believe that with all my heart. The good the not so good all of it, all part of a plan. We are not perfect but together we help eachother become better people. I read this quote today. "A perfect marriage is 2 imperfect people that never give up on eachother" We grow and learn together and have made it through some thick storms. We are here together and we are a team raising our children to become amazing human beings using all that God has taught us. 

Today we had a nice anniversary evening with our little family.

I wanted to have dinner by the lake so little k could gets some play time in this evening too! 

On our way down to dinner, the Mr. took a detour and ended up at the mall! Ha! He told me we were getting an anniversary gift! 

I've been eying and wanting this purse for a while now!!!!

Can you tell! 

Now it's mine!!! Finally!! 

Little k was having fun too! 

Ha! Happy Preggo wife! Thanks to my Mr!! 

Then finally dinner! With a huge smile on my face. 

Love my boys! And baby M was moving around like crazy all day today! He felt my excitement. Soon we will be 4! I can't say that enough! My heart is filled with love for my boys. 

We had a perfect anniversary evening.

One more glance and my new purse!