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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Snowy, lucky day!

Husband shoveling the snow ;)

It snowed all day long today! But I still got all my errands done and I'm ready for a healthy week!

Today we ate all meals at home too! Before we left to church this morning we had an Omelette for Breakfast with a coffee. For lunch we had a cold cut sandwich and dinner we had Spicy Chicken wings and salad!

Today I went to a new grocery store. (Highland Farms) It's much bigger with more selection as well but I'm still hooked on my original grocery store, because at Metro I can collect air miles points as well which is great. I'm still undecided. (but...Hold this thought....)

I bought a new Flax Organic bread for breakfast and I will try it out tomorrow, I hope it's good, it will be 30 cals less that what I ate before for BF.

Back to work tomorrow :( I had a great time during the holidays and even though it is Sunday, I now can't wait for Friday ahaha!

Going back up to where I said "Hold that thought" an awesome thing happened to me today!!! I loveee playing scratch cards, specifically cash for life ;) and yesterday I played 2 and won $4.00. So today when I went to Highland farms for groceries I cashed in my $4.00 and doubled it to buy 2 more cards.

Well, I came home I put the cards aside and made our chicken wing dinner. Ate... washed the dishes... and was about to blog... When I decided to scratch my cards. Cash for life has about 5 boxes on the card to scratch so...The First card I didn't win anything. On the second card, I scratched and won $50.00! I scream and I'm excited! I continue and win another $10, whoohoo husband and I jump up with excitement. I'm thinking how cool is this! But then I scratch again and I won $500!!!!!!! Soooo super excited! I even teared up! I never won more that $10.00 on a single play. Totally made my day!

Hope you all have a great week!!