Thursday, May 06, 2010

Reebok Easy Tones

A friend of mine just bought the Reebok Easy Tones, and they have been on my list to buys for a while now. She tried them out and loves them. So tonight I went to buy a pair!

They do not have the greatest designs, my picks were these ones and a beige orange pair. I went with black pair...

So far I'm just walking around the house in them ahah! I am going to wear them as much as I can... grocery shopping, walking, jogging....and just around the house.

I'll let you know how I like em!

Weekend is almost here! Happy Friday!


  1. Cool shoes. I hope they work out well for you.


  2. Those look comfy! Hope everything is great:)

  3. I walk a lot at work, about 3miles. Most of the ladies I work with now own these, they feel it works so I hope you enjoy them too!

  4. I saw those at the mall last night! how are they working??

  5. Hmm ever since I first saw the commercials and those hot asses of the ladies wearing them, I've been wondering about them...

  6. cool! I look forward to hearing how they are!