Sunday, May 02, 2010

New weekly diet approach

My flowers are blooming and the whole yard is looking great and full of color! I still haven't decided on the plants for the backyard.. I'll get to that eventually ha!
The weather was warm and humid this weekend. Hate the humidity, but I'll take the warmth. Zoe loves relaxing by the window catching up on her tan hahhaha!

I did really well in following my diet this week. I kept everyday under 1500 calories worked out and I feel great. However, it’s not enough to move that scale! I lost 1lbs, not much for my deprivation of many foods.

I know I’m lacking in the workout dept. I need to workout longer and add more days. I really do not want to decrease calories too much, so I keep it 1300-1500 and most days reach the 1500. I’m all about healthy lifestyle and really want to be sure I can maintain the same way not just in weeks and months but years! So that’s why I try to stick to a plan I know I will follow regardless of what life throws in, (busy day, work, events etc. But… I know I need to work out more. So I’m adding more days of working out, and adding a jogging day too! 3 days a week will be the minimum, but I will plan 5 days of working out.

Our new BBQ has really helped in making a better variety for dinners. Tonight we has Salmon and corn. It was delicious!
We also had some desserts... I want my cake and to eat it TOOO! So let's see how this week goes. Adding in some extra workouts, keeping calories in check but also leaving room for what life brings, and if life brings me a brownie.... I will enjoy it! ha! :)


  1. Hey! If you ever want to join me jogging, just give me a call. I run every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (I workout at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Good luck on the continued weight loss!

  2. Awesome! I will let you know. Haven't chosen my jogging day yet.

  3. Love your patio and Zoe's poofy tail!

    Hope this week goes well for you!

  4. 1 pound is a great loss for the week! i haven't tried grilling salmon or corn yet, it looks so good, yum!