Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to 2 coffee's!

I was doing soo well in late 2010 with drinking on 1 coffee a day. But the past 2 weeks I've been slowly creeping up to 2 coffees a few days a week. Then yesterday I had 2, and then today I had 2! I need to get back to drinking my tea in the afternoon instead of coffees!

At my bff's baby shower I won this tea mug with a diffuser and some loose tea. I love it!

So I hope tomorrow is a better day. I'll try and get back to 1 coffee a day!

How many coffee's do you have a day???

Reno update:
My dining room will look like this until next week.

It's a little hectic! And our San Francisco trip is coming up soon too!!!! I hope the reno's are over before we leave.

The weather here is cold and icy and snowy! So I'm trying to really figure out what to wear on our trip early Feb since weather in SF will be much better than it is here!


  1. I typically only have my coffee just in the morning, but during Christmas break when I was home more, I started having one mid afternoon, and I've been trying not to pick the habit up again. It gets kind of hard, b/c there gets to be that time in the day for me that I need that caffeine, and the protein or carbs just don't cover it!

  2. I drink half a cup in the morning and then another half cup in the early afternoon. Works for me.

    You are so lucky to be going to San Fran. I want to see California so bad. My friend lived there for 10 years and she said it was expensive but gorgeous.

  3. I can't go without coffee. I'm DEFINITELY addicted. I have just one coffee every day...a really, really big coffee.

  4. that is an awesome tea mug!!
    2 cups of coffee in the morning for me everyday, i've been good about not having any in the afternoon though. I would LOVE to cut back to 1 cup, i don't know how you do it!!

  5. 1 per day!

    I wish I could go to S.F. too!

  6. Strange, I thought when I read the title that you were proud to have cut back to only 2 cups. I have far, far too many cups every day. I generally have two at home, then I fill my travel mug. If no one has made coffee at work, I stop there. If there's some waiting, or if someone asks me to make a pot, then I'm weak and have another cup. Maybe I should get on eof those cool tea infuser mugs, too. That's really nice!

  7. oh i LOVE that mug... i am a tumbler and mug addict...
    how much coffee... uh anywhere from 3 to 4 mugs a day... YIKES!!!
    i so should tone it down... but i LOVE coffee!

  8. I recently got a Tassimo. My coffee addiction is out of control:) I feel your pain! lol

  9. 2 cups must make you jittery :) Now that you have your fancy tea cup you'll have more motivation to drink tea instead of coffee!

  10. Super cute mug!
    Lately i've tried to replace my coffee addiction with tea. It's working out okay, but I find myself craving some coffee on the weekends.

    SF weather calls for cute scarves and layers! It also doesn't hurt to bring an umbrella.
    Also, I was thinking a little bit more on what attractions you may wish to see. Do you enjoy farmers markets at all? I hear SF has some of the best around. I've yet to do this, but am aiming to cross it off my list next time. It may be worth a google search. Also, The Gold Dust Lounge close to Union Square is an interesting place to get a drink.
    Don't forget Waterbar if your budget allows it. You won't be disappointed. Here is the website