Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 - 3 week goal re-cap

Now that we ended week 3 in January I just wanted to re-cap my 2011 goals.
So far we have booked our first trip for 2011 and SF trip is coming up soon! I have been sticking to my workouts, tried hot yoga (and plan to register soon) I did really well with calorie counting up until the last couple days I cheated a LOTTTT. AND I failed in my no pop and burger rule this week. But I'm very impressed at how long I held out. I'll try again beginning tomorrow. We also started on our reno's and boy it's been messy around here!

Of course, where we are, Zoe is. She is a very involved cat. If she's not around it means 2 things, she's feeling sick, or we locked her in a closet or bedroom by accident ahhah! As we were working yesterday she got up on the ladder and it was so cute! With all the sanding dust around she will be needing a bath very soon!
Yesterday we went to a friends place for dinner. She made this yummy shrimp bisque! She'll be giving me the recipe tomorrow.

And my sister made this brownie cheese cake....I asked for a big piece... eek!

Since I started my goals I've been following my rule of making BF at home and bringing lunch. I bought a new lunch bag last week. It's bigger. I find I'm not bringing enough snacks and I hate driving home from work starved. So I need to bring enough food for lunch and 2 snacks while at work. I always seem to forget this from time to time, I need my snacks!
Do you snack throughout the day??

Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. Zoe is too cute for words.
    I snack during the day. Want to try the best energy bars that is full of fiber and nutrients? They are caled Larabar energy bars. I buy the peanut butter ones and they fill you up. best part is they are vegan, contain no refined sugar, no dairy, no wheat. just fruit and nuts. Try it with coffee. it will help with your sugar fix. Trust me. :)

  2. I prefer light snacks through the day, but my schedule doesn't always allow it. If my prep period doesn't fall until the end of the day, I find that I don't have time and I'm starving by lunch. When I have my own class some day, I'm totally going to allow snacks in my room. haha!

  3. I thought you have a big Coach purpse that can fit a whole week snacks? lol

  4. Renovation-- I'm right there with you! I hope you're already able to envision the finished product!

    Carrot sticks are my between meal snack of choice (the real ones- no baby carrots here!). I have one lean protein snack between lunch and dinner as well! And I always have sugar free gum on hand to distract myself when I want something sweet.

  5. No way I would have been able to turn down that brownie cheesecake either. In fact I applaud y ou for stopping at one!

    I like to carry at least 5 fruit/vegetable servings with me in my lunch bag. That may be part of my lunch, a snack or both. I am usually out of the house for the better part of the day between work, errands and the gym so I know I'll have plenty of chances to fill up on them. It also helps keep me on track for getting all my servings in.

    In case of emergency though, I do always carry a granola bar and a small piece of dark chocolate.

  6. The Larbars i buy are @ Zehrs grocery store in their organic/natural section. I am sure they are sold at any health food store but check your groery store if they stock alot of natural products. Let me know what you think!!!


  7. i can't wait to see pics when you get back from your San Francisco trip, i've always wanted to plan a trip there!! you're going to have fun!

    i always have to have a snack around 2:30pm! my favorite healthy snacks are an apple or a banana with peanut butter. my favorite unhealthy snack is potato chips, lol!

  8. I always bring lots of food to work, I actually bring some home because I brought too much with me. But I like variety out of my lunch, lol. I don't really have a favourite I just make sure I have something.