Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick and Easy meals for the week

Some weeks I do so well and other weeks go out the door... the take-out door ha!

Like I've mentioned before, husband and I have busy schedules work during the day, then our side biz and events/hobbies after work, things can get hectic! So it's so important that I plan my meals (even though sometimes I do and things still come up/or we find a new restaurant we want to try so badly haha!)

So this week I wrote out my schedule and from what I foresee I know that I can make dinner at home at least 4x this week. The other thing is, planning for those days we get home later than usual because of work... so quick easy meals I can prepare is important.

For one, I love to bake most things, that way I get home throw it together, pop it in the oven and it gives me time to do any house chores before dinner and leave me my evenings for my side biz or American Idol! aahah!

Like this chicken and potatoes I cooked all in one dish yesterday.

I also bought a few of these frozen dinners...

No preservatives which is great and it's a quick meal on those days that I'm in the door later than usual.
It was yummy!

Set yourself up for success (Tony Robbins) by planning ahead!.... Now I hope I can get a couple good weeks in!

Do you have your dinners planned this week???


  1. Do you own a crockpot? I love mine! It's so easy you just throw everything in before you leave for work in the morning and its done for dinnertime! (Plus when you come home the house smells amazing)

  2. Your food pictures look amazing as usual!

  3. mmm, your chicken and potatoes dinner looks delicious!! i like your goal of cooking meals at least 4 times a week! i have to plan my meals ahead or else we just go out to eat.