Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a Friday!

My Friday started early! 530am I was up early to take my mom to an appointment at the hospital. It was so dark and rainy outside I was dreading the drive to the city. Before I left I did my usual morning routine...view twitter. That's when I saw all the tweets about the massive earthquake in Japan and all the tsunami warnings. My heart goes out to all the people in Japan.
On my way down to the city I listened to the radio and I was happy to see that there was a TV in the hospital waiting room on CNN, many people were gathered around and watching. It's where I spent most my day.

My mom had a procedure done to check her arteries in her heart. She's always had a heart murmur but they found a larger hole that needs to be closed. So I spent my day at the hospital.

Everything is ok with my mom, but she will need to get that hole closed up.

When we got back to my moms house my SIL and niece were there waiting. Since they went into a main artery on my mom, she couldn't be alone for 24 hours. So my sister and my brother came later and we spent the evening chatting away.

She is soo adorable and loves when you sing to her.

Today my husband is going to tryyy and finish up the reno's so I can finally have a clean house again.

Here is a before and after

After... Crown Molding, Potlights and new Chandelier.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.


  1. hope everything goes well and your mom can get that fixed soon!
    your niece is beautiful, she looks like such a happy baby! i love your hair!

  2. Wow! That chandelier is gorgeous, great job!
    Healing thoughts to your mother, and the people of Japan.

  3. love the pics! glad your mom is ok!


  4. Hope that your mom is feeling better!

    Your niece is just so cute :)

  5. I am visiting your blog after a very long time, hope that your mom recovers soon. Your niece looks adorable. It's good to empathize with the Japanese earthquake and its a wake up call that tells us to protect the environment and the earth with more awareness.