Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm 4 weeks old today!

1 day old
 I'm 4 weeks old! Look how big I've grown!

I make more cooing sounds and love to look around. I have hours of alertness getting to know my family and home.
I nurse every 2-3 hours and that makes me happy :)
But I do have periods of the day when I just want to cry and cry (ha) I want mom's cuddles and I love the sound of rain, ocean or water pouring, so mom downloaded many of these sounds on her iphone and has a playlist just for me... (haha)

To thank my mom for all her hard work I bought her this cute new coach purse :)

Monday I go for my 1 month checkup! I think I weight 8 lbs 12 oz. lets see!

Yay 4 weeks!!!

Yesterday some friends and family came over 2 of my friends brought Kristian these cute gifts. Adorable.

It's been a pretty crazy week and I'm exhausted! Hope you are all having a good Saturday. I just spend most my day doing laundry... bahhhhhh!