Sunday, December 04, 2011

Family Love- Adorable cousins

 I love this picture of the cousins together. Look how adorable they are.

Baby M is so sweet and has the most adorable goofy personality she calls Baby K, 'baby' haha she is too sweet.

My grandparents haven't seen baby k since he was just born, so they were soooooo happy to see him. My grandfather gets upset at anyone that pronounces the baby's name wrong haha.  He said he loves the name Kristian and doesn't want people to say it wrong, or in short... I'm guilty I call him Kris most the time ha!

I'm not the most comfortable with breastfeeding out of my home yet, I have my nursing cover that works great but I also bought a couple nursing tops, and I love them! I bought them from and they are in Canada so they shipped in 1 day!

Friday the carrier I ordered from came in too. 

  it's so cute and love keeping my little guy away from the cold and germs. 


  1. love the car seat cover!! thinking to get one too!

  2. Soooo cute! Family makes everything worth it, and grandparents make life seem too short not to enjoy every second ;) xoxo