Thursday, December 01, 2011

Baby, Christmas, Shopping and other random stuff

I could easily make more than one blog post with all the babbling I will do today, but since time is not my friend (ha) I decided to make one long babbling post. :)

Baby K is too adorable! Today we did some tummy time activities and I also rattled some toys and had a conversation with him.. His response was in cooing so I know he was agreeing with everything I said Ha!

We also had an afternoon play date at a friends house up the street. She ordered wings and fries and they were delish! We were chatting so much we forgot to take pictures!

 Little K does not like the swing or the bouncer at all! he lasts 5 minutes in it, he rather be held or in his napper in the playpen. We'll keep trying tho.

There are only a couple hours a day that he enjoys being in the wrap, which is good for me cause I get to make myself food for lunch! 

I'm down 21 lbs, 18 lbs left to get to my pre-preg weight, but 34lbs to get to my goal. I'll be focused more after the holidays.  Although right now it is tough to eat, being so busy. I started making wraps filled with lots of good stuff,  to make sure I'm getting lots of good nutrients for breastfeeding.
Chicken, lettuce mix, and avocado, yum!
During pregnancy my foot size whet up from 7.5 to a 9! So far it's pretty much the same, just not swollen haha.  I had these new boots from last year and they don't fit! :(

 So yesterday I did some online shopping. I bought 2 pairs of boots! They should get here tomorrow or monday.... they better fit!! There are soo many things I need for this winter! A winter jacket, sweaters... ugh!

I feel like I hardly have any time for anything these days, my days feel like 1 very long day. Everyday is pretty much exactly the same! Some days are better than others... Baby K sleeps 2-4 hour stretches after nursing, so at night I'm sleeping as soon as he is. :)

We are hoping to put the tree up this weekend. For now I put decorations around the house and put up the stockings... I put 3 up so it wouldn't look to bare.

I'm so excited for Christmas... But I do have a huge list for Christmas shopping! I need to get started!

Have you started your shopping!??


  1. so cute! don't worry andrew HATED the swing and bouncer, the only thing he ended up liking for a bit when he was 3-5 months was the bouncer! ugh. They just wanna stay with mamma the whole day :)

  2. I've almost finished my shopping! We do most of it online, so that makes it easy.

  3. Too cute! Can't wait to cuddle him!

  4. sounds like you and baby k are having sooo much fun together! love the pic of you and him, you look great!! congrats on the 21 lbs down, awesome!!