Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sleeping in the crib

Every parent has their own views on their children's sleep arrangements. I don't think any is wrong. I for one still have my 3 month old in my room in the bassinet and co-sleeping sometimes. My SIL didn't put my niece in her crib until 4 months, friends did as early as 2 months or right from birth, and some moms co-sleep for a while. All ok in my eyes. My little guy seems fine in his crib, so I guess you can say I have him in my room because I want him close!
Having him in my room right from birth made it easier for me to feed him or soothe him through the night. Slowly I'm transitioning him to his crib... Slowly haha! Mama can't let go!!
I received the Angel care video monitor as a gift. I must say a video monitor is great to have. Baby is in his room with the door closed (so miss kitty won't bother him) with a white noise ball, while I just blogged and going to do laundry ;) (they say no blankets on baby, but it's tucked under and I'm watching on the video monitor ;)


  1. such a sweet sleeper!! go you for having him nap in his crib! :) cullen is 9 months and still sleeps next to me in bed and in my view for naps. i waited too long and now he won't sleep in his crib or pack n play. he's a momma's boy and wants me right next to him all the time. thankfully i'm ok with this ;)

  2. What a darling baby and some very good tips here ...such great inventions for busy mothers. Thank for for the congrats on our new granddaughter...every baby is such a gift...God bless you all !!!

  3. Both my kids were in their cribs by 6-7 weeks! My husband is a light sleeper! :)

  4. You are such a good mommy :) He looks as happy as a clam in that crib, but I'm sure he likes being close to you too :)


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