Sunday, April 22, 2012

Look at me shopping for deals!

It is true that having a baby is expensive, especially when there are such cute cool items on the market. Seems like they all are must haves sometimes.

But the past month I made sure to think twice when purchasing baby items. Not only was it getting expensive, our house was turning into a baby play ground ha! Now I ask questions like, do we really need it? Is it something I really want? How long will it be used for? And can I get it for a deal!?

Well this has been working great for me so far!

Some items I think I want, turn out to be things that would be a waste of money and other things, great buys because I thought it through enough.

Last week I wanted 2 Fischer price 3 in 1 baby chairs, one for us and one for the inlaws. I found a seller on kijiji in my area and she had twins and was selling both! They were in perfect condition and I bought them for $25 each! In the store $80 each.

When I joined stroller fitness I used my current stroller, my Peg Perego Skate that my sister and SIL bought me as our baby gift. I love this stroller but in the park it wasn't that great and it was getting pretty beat up too on the rocky paths . So I decided to look for used stroller that would be better for all terrain. I emailed sooo many sellers on kijiji and bargained. I ended up getting the Peg Perego gt3! For an amazing price! 70% off the original price. It was used for only a year and the stroller is in mint condition. It also allows me to snap in the infant carrier. Although baby K will be outgrowing that soon! But it's great to have!

So that's 2 weekends in a row of shopping for deals. Go me!


  1. we definitely need to shop smart!!

  2. you got some great deals. and just think... money save on baby stuff means more money you have to spend on YOU!! lol! ;)