Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby love, baby poop ha!

I consider myself a pro now when it comes to cleaning blowouts! Yes blowouts.. Baby poop that leaks up and down and out of the diaper haha!

We had a couple weeks of this not happening.... Then this week.... Thursday, Saturday and Today it's happened. Ugh! Haha!

Love my little guy so much. Poop and all hahaha

Today I bought 2 baby rocker chairs from a lady selling on kijiji in my area. She has twins and was selling 2, in perfect condition so I bought them both. Kris loves this chair, and I was happy to save a total of 130 bucks!

Today has been cloudy but the temperature was perfect for a walk. We just came back from a nice walk around our neighborhood.

Hope you all are having a nice Sunday too!

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