Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby K is 6 months old!

You are 6 months already! It was like yesterday I brought you home from the hospital!

We love you soooooo much!

You are such a good baby! You LOVE to be held and you don't care by who haha! Everyone loves to hold and cuddle you and you are great with other people. You are soo social! You want to be part of everything! You will not sleep at all if there is a lot going on.

You only cry when you are tired and hungry. The rest of the time you are happy, smiling, babbling, laughing and observing. 

You love to splish splash in the bath... The other night was the first time you cried leaving the bath.. you wanted to stay and splash away!

You LOVEEE ZOE our cat. But she is not a fan of you yet haha! You stop what you are doing to stare at her, and if you are crying and hear her meow you stop right away and look at her. It's adorable!

When on your tummy you scootch your bum right up, your arms aren't as strong as your legs tho, not yet :)  You have very strong legs and LOVE to be in the exersaucer. We say you are our little soccer player :)

I love spending everyday with you. You always have me smiling and laughing.

You love sleeping in your crib and when you wake up you try and grab your mobile. It's so cute to watch. You sleep in your crib everyday but not for the whole night. I like to have you close since your sleep schedule isn't consistent yet and I am not ready to walk back and forth to your room ha!:)

You still nurse every 2-3 hours and eat solids twice a day. 40ml at 12pm and 5pm ish. Today we tried Pears and you liked it! What you don't seem to like is apple oatmeal. I stopped all cereals anyway. We are on breast milk, fruits and veggies. So far you have had Avocados, Bananas, Carrots, Butternut squash and pears!

The first 5 months I had sooo much trouble getting you to take a bottle.  Now you take any bottle and even a sippy cup! I was shocked to see this. However you HATE formula and just spit it out if I give it to you, so unless I pump, I have nothing to let you sip on yet haha!

You weigh 15lbs and in size 3 diapers.

You have your 6 month check up on Wednesday and one needle. 

You are such a sweet boy and we love you soooooo much! Happy 6 months Kristian!!!

Cutie Pie!


  1. Happy 6 months Kris! Love u and can't wait to see u tmrw!

  2. he sounds like the perfect baby, such a cutie! you two look great together! :)