Thursday, August 01, 2013

21 months old huh 21?

Baby K is 21 months old! I had to count the months over and over and even asked my friend how old her son was because they are a month apart. 21 months old!!! Where are these days going! 

Little man is still in size 18 months and size 4 diapers. Shoe size will be moving up to 5.5 or 6 soon. He's 21 months 21 pounds ha! 

He is learning 1-2 new words a day! He surprises me when I hear them! I always ask who taught him that! ha! Everything he does is so amazing to me haha. He is over 50 words and he is trying real sentences. On the weekend his hat fell and he repeated. Hat,fall, head. Ha! 

He loves to match things. He will find similar looking toys and bring them together. Or if he's reading a book and sees something like a sheep, he will get his sheep toy to read along with him. He started doing this as early as 13 months that I can remember. He would bring the cat flash card over to show Zoe ha! He has a strong personality already! He's smooth and demanding. Loves to cuddle and is sweet but also very demanding. It makes us laugh but also scares us a little because as parents we need to know the balance of allowing him to get away with too much. 

He is still a great eater but gets tough sometimes because he will demand certain things he wants and has zero patience. When he wants ice cream he will repeat it a thousand times and won't give up until he gets it! 

He's always raiding the snack drawer! 

Avocados, sweet peppers, Oreos and ice cream are currently on the fave list.  

At 21 months what do you love to do? RUN the minute you learned to run you ran and still doing just that. 

I found a new big park and it's perfect for you! 

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  1. sounds like such a fun little guy! love the first picture of him, too cute!