Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer days

A friend and I met up yesterday for a playdate with the kids. We enjoyed a nice breakfast. The kids were well behaved until the end when little K had enough and was anxious to run around, he threw his plate of food to the ground. Blueberries and bread all scattered all over the floor ha! 

We then headed to a park so the kids can get filthy haha yes playing in sand. Sand was everywhere!!!! I'm soooo not a fan of sand playgrounds. Sand is for the beach! 

My friend put together this picture of us and the kids growing up. They will be 2 soon! 2!!!!

Later in the evening we had a BBQ dinner outside. Summer feels like its slipping away too quickly! 

Little K and Zoe are best friends. They are adorable playing together. Yesterday it was hide and seek I think ha!! 

Summer is ending soon and little K will be starting a new daycare very soon! More about this later! 

Happy Friday! 

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