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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Birthday Fun!

Little K was asking if it was his birthday everyday since October 1st ha! 
Finally his birthday was here! And he had a blast!!!

On the day of his birthday I sent a puzzle game to school for the class to enjoy instead of individual loot bags. 

Which was a big hit with his classmates 

My mom came over to surprise Kris after school. It was so cute. He ran out of school so happy to see grandma.

 That evening we had a quiet evening in.
We ordered dinner from our favorite italian restuarant and had a small cake.

Because Friday night was his big birthday party! 

2 hours of fun! 

We had his party at a playground. And it was perfect for the kids! They all had a blast!! 

Transformer birthday party!! 

The kids had 2 hours of fun together. 

The funniest part of the party was when we sang happy birthday. Kris and his friends started licking all the icing haha! 

Kris was Soo happy and loved that his friends had a great time! 

Transformer birthday success! 

My nieces came over afterwards to help open gifts haha! Kristian loves all the transformers and has been playing with them none stop all weekend! 

This is definitely a birthday he will never forget! 

My big boy is 4!! 

Oh and here is his 4 year old interview.

Ha!! He is hilarious! 

Halloween post to come!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Yesterday we had the day off for Canada Day!! 

Our new neighborhood had a festival so we spent the afternoon walking around. 

Little k wanted to ride his bike and insists on wearing his dino helmet. Safety first! 

We had cotton candy and popcorn and watched a magic show! 

Haha of course he got so much attention from everyone around because of the helmet haha! Many people stopped to talk to him ha! 

After a late lunch we went to buy fireworks! 

Everyone on Our street was outside! We all put our fireworks together and had a great show! 

Little k met so many new kids! And some kids that will be in his new school September which is great! 

I talked to all the moms and heard about all the different summer camps in the area. Which is great to know for the future! 

Summer camp for my little guy starts monday! 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Fun weekend wedding!

Saturday my husbands best friend got married!!! My husband was the best man, and his friend was his best man too at our wedding!! 

We've know him for 15 years! It was soo nice seeing his family and other friends and the wedding. Reminiscing about the past, their university days. Our very young years just having so much fun always! 

I wore my go to maternity dress! I've got great use out of this dress! 

I kept it simple with black and my MK heels that still fit! 

Their Hall was beautiful, the food was delish! I ate everything. 

My husbands best mans speech was so good. Made me cry! And the groom was touched by it. It hit the past, present and glimpse of the future in our friendship to come. It was warm and heartfelt. :) a great best man speech! 

We danced a lot! We had a great time with friends! 

This is the last of our friends of this group to get married!! So we partied it up to 2am! . Ha! Zzzz

Little k spent the evening with grandma. Instead of driving back home so late when he was already sleeping. We just stayed over my moms for the night.
Best part of that was, we got to sleep in because grandma woke with little k and they had breakfast all ready for us when we woke up. Soo sweet!!

Hope you all had s great weekend! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Break!

March break began on Friday! 

Our first day we went to visit little k's old daycare. 

They all missed eachother soo much!! And were all soo happy to see eachother. It was soo nice! 

Friday night I was feeling sick and little k went to tell daddy to call Z(old daycare lady) to tell her I'm sick! It was so cute. He knows she's a nurturer is always taking care of if so well. 

Saturday we went to visit my grandparents and a friend of ours came by for a gift for little k! A big Boy toy! Whoa!! 

So awesome! He learned how to drive it in seconds! 

Then there was no stopping him. 

We put it in our basement and my niece was over driving one of his old cars that he's much to big for now. 

They had soo much fun! 

He just loves hanging out with his little cousins. Cuddle time! 

Sunday  we started our day with going to mass in our new area. Little k made us laugh, whispering and when I would say listen to Jesus he would look at me and say "but he's not talking mom" haha! Soo adorable! 

After church we went decor shopping! We bought art and lamps! 

So far the house is coming along! 

Little k playing as we watch daddy install the chandelier! 


Little k's favorite spot! 

Our master bathroom isn't complete yet but will be this week! 

More pics to come! 

Happy Monday friends! We are off to visit more friends today! 

I'll blog preggo stuff later too! 
17 weeks!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekend fun with friends and family

This weekend was all about Christmas! 
Meeting up with family and friends to exchange gifts and catch up! We don't get to see eachother often, but we all make the effort during the holidays. 

Saturday we finished up our Christmas shopping. We didn't stay out too long because we had a work Christmas party to attend to downtown! 

We have been going to these Christmas parties since 2004!  It was so great to catch up with friends. We were all equally happy to see eachother during the holidays. 

I was exhausted by the time we got home, I was sooo happy to see my bed ha! 

Sunday morning we got to sleep in a bit before heading out to a friends house. 

These little cuties got to open the gifts they got eachother. We are so blessed to have such great friends. 

The kids had a blast opening the gifts! 

The girls got to catch up and the guys, well. They were taking their body measurements for custom made suits! It was serious business!! 

Then when we left one friends house we went to another which was only 5 mins away which was great. 

The kids got to play and the adults chatted about everything and anything. Lots of food and lots of fun! A great holiday get together. I haven't seen some of these friends for years, but we all just picked up where we left off. That's true genuine relationships. 

Little k loves being with his friends. And they love being with him. He talks about them all the time and they are always asking for him!. He has one little baby that just started daycare with him. She doesn't talk yet but her father said that on the weekend all she kept saying was Kristian Kristian. Ha! The girls love him. 

He had a great weekend and he can't wait for Santa. He's been a really good boy and everyday he surprises me. Love my boy sooooo much!! And I'm more excited this Christmas than all the others past. 

I'll have some other pictures to post soon when I get them from daycare. Even tho his daycare isn't religious she still went out of her way to teach Kris the basics,  a little of what she could on the Christian side and a little on the commercial side. That was so nice of her. Although, she had a little tree and kris and his friends were complaining that they have big trees at home and that hers was too small haha! Kids!