Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to work and date night

Last week was my first week back to work! I'm happy to say it went pretty smooth. We still need to adjust our new routine a bit, but we did well for the first week. We were proud of ourselves ha.

Little K was great all week with his new full-time at daycare schedule (good as in good for a 2 year old  minus the terrible twos moments we have daily) 

Yesterday night my husband took me to a deliscious steakhouse to celebrate my first week back to work. We had a great time. The service at the restsurant was amazing, actually the best overal experience at a restaurant I've ever had. They even took us for a tour to the different floors the restsurant had to show us what it was all about. We sat in its lower level dining room where the ambiance was perfect, music, candle light, comfortable seating. Perfect.

We have been following a top 10 steakhouse list and this was the forth one we've been to and the best so far. I'm excited to try another one next month! 

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