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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Back to work!

Last week was my first week back to work after maternity leave :(

We planned and prepared for the week as much as we could! We wanted a smooth start to the week. 

Making dinners that last 2 nights in a row.
Or getting takeout when we felt the burn of the week taking a toll. 

Picking out all our clothes for the week. 
Preparing lunches the night before and making easy breakfasts. 

Our days are long. Baby M and I are out the door at 7am! 

The first 3 days was really hard for baby M. There were a lot of tears. From both him and I!

But he is getting the hang of it. This week was much better. A few tears but he's having a great day. 

We have a good schedule we are following and the key to it all is preparation. Preparing on the weekend and the night before. 

We all have our part and we are working together as a team. Little K has been helping out and it melts my heart. He's such a big boy and adjusted so well to the new schedule with no fuss. 

We are in week 2! And slowly getting the hang of this new routine. 



Monday, January 20, 2014

Busy days!

I have less time to blog these days. Back to work has us soo busy! 

It's 930pm and I made myself give some of my time to my blog! 

Our routine is pretty smooth, mornings and evenings. Just that evenings are jammed packed doing one thing after another without a break all the way till bedtime. I'm starting to do my groceries online and getting them delivered so that will take out one thing from our schedule. So far that's working out great! 

Oh and slowcooker meals! That wil be another post. I love love my slowcooker. Today, ham and pineapple. Tomorrow beef stew! 

We are also fitting in 2 nights a week of working out in the basement once the little one is sleeping. Usually a half hour or so while I watch one of the shows I like, like modern family or revenge! Other than that there's not much time left to sit and watch TV! 

What is my little man up to these days? 
He loves daycare and is so happy to go every morning which makes all 3 of us super happy! 

He is learning and growing so fast! His vocabulary is getting better and better. He surprises me everyday! He knows a lot of shapes, colors, numbers and letters. He sings songs to us, he is always busy playing and learning. I love how he always practices until he gets it. He doesn't give up! And in no way could we offer our help either! He's mr independent. 

I love how we have conversations together. I love the conversations that have words, actions and sounds. Like the other morning we came down for breakfast and he was telling me the story of how he and baby Ella had cereal together the night before. The story went something like this. "Mama! Ella, krishan eat cereal here (pointing to the cereal bowl on the table where they sat the night before sharing cereal) Ella um um" (making a chewing gesture with his mouth, saying Ella ate the cereal like that haha) 

Ha! It was adorable. 

This weekend we went to visit my grandparents. Little k was showing my grandmother how to use his toy helicopter. Ha! They both had a blast playing together. 

Hope you all had a great Monday! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to work and date night

Last week was my first week back to work! I'm happy to say it went pretty smooth. We still need to adjust our new routine a bit, but we did well for the first week. We were proud of ourselves ha.

Little K was great all week with his new full-time at daycare schedule (good as in good for a 2 year old  minus the terrible twos moments we have daily) 

Yesterday night my husband took me to a deliscious steakhouse to celebrate my first week back to work. We had a great time. The service at the restsurant was amazing, actually the best overal experience at a restaurant I've ever had. They even took us for a tour to the different floors the restsurant had to show us what it was all about. We sat in its lower level dining room where the ambiance was perfect, music, candle light, comfortable seating. Perfect.

We have been following a top 10 steakhouse list and this was the forth one we've been to and the best so far. I'm excited to try another one next month! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thinking about fall clothes and shoes

I spent my day at my grandparents house with my niece and little Kristian. I was soo tired today so we just stayed in playing on the ipad and watching TV.

I talked to my niece about starting school and she was showing me her new shoes and her new backpack, very cute pink stuff :) haha

I then started thinking of allll the things I need for this coming fall and especially for back to work, it's creeping up.

DH had got me a gift card to the mall as part of my birthday gift, for those things specifically. But when I went to the mall I was overwhelmed. Ya there were a lot of things I liked and wanted, But I had no vision of what I really wanted to wear. What style do I want? I was confused! I haven't really thought about it in a while!

So I decided to follow what the, What Not To Wear show does. Buy a complete outfit from top to bottom. So my goal the next couple weeks is to buy 3 outfits to get me started. Top to bottom! A casual outfit, a work outfit and a going out to dinner outfit.

Buying shoes are the easiest for me so I'll start with the bottom up haha

Some shoes from the site that I have my eye on ;)