Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We got windows and doors!

Weekly update on our new home.

Windows and doors! 

We had some options of doors to choose from. We upgraded our door to the single taller door with glass on the side. Looking up feng shui and the direction of our door It says sand colors is best. That's exactly what we got!

I have a note book ready with the lists, yes listsss of our move/storage/purchases and all house related things! 

Today we agreed on getting shutters for the inside as our current home has. I also started the hunt for a new washer and dryer. 

This is our third home! We are so excited! when we pass by the new home, little k already says that's his house. Well he says his broken house haha.  

Weekend recap:

Sunday we went to African lion. Safari!!!
Kris loved it! Who doesn't! We went often as kids and I have soo many great memories of the animal tour. 

When the animals came close to the car kris was afraid and told us to hurry up and drive ha! 
Love these pics! 

We also went over to my sisters place Saturday night. The kids are just soo cute!'

Yesterday i had the day off with kris and we had such a fun day me and him. Starting off with breakfast with a friend. 

Day 1 of my diet is on track!
Day 2... I'm planning for it to be a success haha 

Happy hump day! 

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