Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Holiday fun!

Who is done their gift buying? Not me. Not yet. But almost! Today was a great morning and I crossed off many on my list! 

Ha! Little k thinks the Elf on the shelf brings a few gifts a day ! 

My little baby m aka teddy bear slept 3 hours straight in his stroller as I hopped store to store! 

He is Soo sweet!! He's just getting over a cold.  Can you believe he'll be 4 months next week! 

Today was super hero day for little k

Guess who was soooo happy! 

When I walked in the class his friends ran over to me to take their pictures ha! ️Adorable.

We had a fun weekend, friday little k had an appointment then we went to meet dad downtown for lunch! 

We walked around the mall, little k loved all the Christmas decor! Only a few weeks till Christmas!

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