Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Junior Kindergarden observation day

This week we had Jk observation day. Parents were able to go into class and watch the little's in their classroom.

Little k's teacher explained their fun filled daily routine. 

I was pretty impressed with their teaching style. They teach 5 kids at a time in different areas. They have teacher, a prep teacher, ECE teacher and 2 volunteers. 

They have many stations in the classroom , all to get them to explore their creative, imagination and problem solving skills.

Ha! A starbucks play area too! With a cashier, name tags and cups too. 

Little k noticed me 10mins in. So it was great seeing him play for 10mins with his buddies. 

When he noticed me, he was so excited. He brought me around the class and showed me his pictures, his cubby and  his favorite things to do. 

He loves playing with his friends. With cars, Legos, dinosaurs and other animals. He's not into drawing or coloring that much so he doesn't go to those stations that much. 

He loves school which is great! He's learning so much everyday and it's awesome seeing him change from one day to the next. 

He gets weekly homework to help with sounds, writing and math. He really likes match and enjoys the phonics songs! 

We have our own practice books too! 

He's growing up so fast! 
Just Love this little boy! 

And of course this little boy too! 

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