Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday fun

School is out for 2 weeks! So having 2 little ones at home is lots of fun and sometimes not so fun ha! Mr. K is full of energy so keeping him busy can sometimes be a challenge! 

I still need to finish up some christmas errands so the littles had to tag along. 

Yesterday we tried to make a gingerbread house haha

And played some games. 

We finished wrapping some gifts too 

Sunday we had a breakfast gift 
exchange. The kids had a blast. 

It's a starwars christmas here and this is just the beginning.

Baby M is teething pretty bad these past few days. So he's not in the greatest mood. Last night was pretty bad and today im exhausted! So I need to entertain little k while baby M needs tobe in  my arms all day! 

We went to a nearby playground.
It was the best thing! Little k loves to run around for hours so we did that and tired him out! 


Now both boys are napping and im relaxing!! 

Happy Tuesday! 

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