Monday, May 09, 2016

Mother's Day Fun! Part 1

My Mother's Day fun began on Friday.
My sister took the day off and and we spent the day with our kiddies. 

We were out of the house early and went for breakfast.

We had many people looking over and giggling because little K and little E were like grown ups, discussing the food they will order, things they like and dislike. Haha the cutest. 

We then went to Canada's Wonderland!

The kids had a blast!

Baby M was soo good, he loves being out and about.

We then spent the rest of our evening in my moms area. We went to the cemetery with the kids. To visit our loved ones that past.

Then back to my moms for a family dinner. We ordered from our favorite Italian restaurant. Yum! 

Look at these kids. They are so big! They really are like little adults.  Eating and chatting. Haha they crack us up!

More Mother's Day fun coming up! ... 

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