Wednesday, May 18, 2016

9 months old!

We can't get enough of this cutie! The whole family just adores you! You are so happy and soo sweet! 

At 9 months old you weigh 19lbs and in 12 month clothing. Size 4 diapers. You are my big boy! You still nurse a lot and also eat a lot! You mastered the pincer grasp a while ago and you eat everything in sight ha! 

You may have an allergy to milk, we aren't sure yet but you broke out in hives when I recently gave it to you. An allergy test is on its way.

You are crawling super fast and also eager to walk! You practice by walking around furniture and walking while pushing some toys!

You follow big brother all over and you already fight him for the toys, ha!

You want everything that big brother has or is doing. It's amazing watching you learn soo fast! 

You love the piano and always crawl to it and try to reach the keys.

You love being out and about. You've adapted soo well to our family that is always on the go! You love it too! I see you taking in all the new experiences and learning so quickly!

Happy 9 months little cutie! We love you Sooo much! Mommy is already planning your first year birthday! 

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