Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend fun!

The Mr was away for the weekend watching he Formula 1 races! 

While he was away we had a fun weekend too!

The kids decided to be up super early on Saturday. So we were out the door early! 

We had fun at the park before heading down to my grandparents house
 for a visit 
Can't handle this cuteness. Michael can't wait to play with his big brother. He gets so excited when he watches him run around. 

Having a little chat with his great grandparents. 

Saturday was a really hot day!! So we needed to cool down. 

Good thing little cousin had a little pool and slide! Ha! 
So much fun! 

I put the kids to bed pretty early both nights ha! Just so I could get some me time!

Sunday we had a bridal shower. Little k was adorable, I told him that they would be the only boys there. He was ok with it and when we got home, he said he had soo much fun with his cousins and he loved the gifts they got him haha. A little pillow toy and dinosaurs.

Ohhh Italian cookies!!! 

The kids were soo good all weekend! 

We had a great weekend, but we were all so happy to see daddy this morning. The kids were soo excited to see him when they woke up. 

Another fun filled week ahead! Only 2 weeks left of school! 

Happy Monday friends! 

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