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Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend fun!

The Mr was away for the weekend watching he Formula 1 races! 

While he was away we had a fun weekend too!

The kids decided to be up super early on Saturday. So we were out the door early! 

We had fun at the park before heading down to my grandparents house
 for a visit 
Can't handle this cuteness. Michael can't wait to play with his big brother. He gets so excited when he watches him run around. 

Having a little chat with his great grandparents. 

Saturday was a really hot day!! So we needed to cool down. 

Good thing little cousin had a little pool and slide! Ha! 
So much fun! 

I put the kids to bed pretty early both nights ha! Just so I could get some me time!

Sunday we had a bridal shower. Little k was adorable, I told him that they would be the only boys there. He was ok with it and when we got home, he said he had soo much fun with his cousins and he loved the gifts they got him haha. A little pillow toy and dinosaurs.

Ohhh Italian cookies!!! 

The kids were soo good all weekend! 

We had a great weekend, but we were all so happy to see daddy this morning. The kids were soo excited to see him when they woke up. 

Another fun filled week ahead! Only 2 weeks left of school! 

Happy Monday friends! 

Monday, June 06, 2016

Summer fun!

Summer is just around the corner, but we have been enjoying this awesome weather! 

Mr K's soccer season has begun! 

I can't get over how cute he looks in that oversized uniform. Ha! 

He was soo competitive! He's still learning how to play the game but I was impressed at how much he actually knew! He got upset a couple of times when the ball was snagged from him. So this practice and team building is great experience for him. 

So I guess I can officially say, I'm a soccer mom! 

Our little family is getting very active. Keeping these kiddies entertained is so much fun for us all.

We love love love the trail in our area. 

I'm on a mission to drop this baby weight so I'll take all the walks I can get! 

I'm also doing a stroller fit class once a week which is kicking my @ss! 

Baby M loves being outside too, and loves the jogging stroller. This little chubby monkey. 

This past weekend we took the kids to a drive in theatre. Little K has been many times, this was baby M's first time! 

The whole family loved it! The car was a disaster afterwards, but hey, these are the best memories. 

This Mommy was able to have an afternoon off on Sunday :) The husband and kids stayed home while I attended my cousins bridal shower. It was beautiful, she was beautiful! 

 By the end of the weekend we were all pooped! 

The kids were in bed early and woke up nice and refreshed today! 

A beautiful morning to have a breakfast out with a great friend! 

The kids were adorable and we drank 1-2-3 maybe 4 cups of coffee. Ha! 

Happy Monday! 
Have a great week friends! 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Backyard picnic and end of August recap

Today we all had a rough morning. Tired and cranky. I had a bad mommy moment in the morning that had me feeling terrible all day.

So I decided to make a fun evening for my little guy. 

I picked him up from daycare and we went to get some fast food. We came home, gathered a blanket and toy friends and headed to the backyard for a picnic. Little k loved the idea of having a picnic on the grass :) 

Backyard selfies :)

This past weekend we had an end of summer BBQ with friends. Well, end of summer end of living here too! 
Friends and family, food and fun. All we need! 
How cute were all the kids! 

Yummy pichania, cooked to perfection by DH. 

Water fun with the kids 
And swimming haha!!

The weekend before we went to my inlaws anniversary party. We had a blast! 

And by blast I mean heading to bed at 7am! And with little k up at 9am, you could imagine what I felt like that day ha! 
But, I had to stay awake! The next day was my cousins bridal shower! A 50's theme! I won the best dressed!! Whohoo!

Italian bridal shower... The only way my family knows how to do it... Holy cookies!! 

This picture doesn't even capture them all!

Now that summer is almost over... My focus is now on packing up my house! Wish me luck!