Monday, November 28, 2016

15 months old

Biting then laughing at you as you scream. 
Throwing things in the garbage. Oops some toys have disappeared for good.
Taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets. Especially bags. Bags are fun

Cookies are my favorite! 

Santa is pretty cool too

Playing with my brother is my favorite too.

You learn so much from your brother and you make your brother laugh soo much! 

 You love hugging and kissing all of us and we do our part in smothering you! 

New words are coming through.
And some made up words too but they have a meaning to you! Ha! You will make sure we understand you. 

Oh, you hate hearing the word NO! :( 

You are full of energy! You are a busy little boy. You have the sweetest laugh and cuddly personality. You love being in the middle of it all!

 You are learning new things everyday! We love you so so much! 

Baby Mikey!!!! 

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