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Monday, April 25, 2011

The belly is growing!

Week 7 above

Week 12 and 3 days!

The Belly is growing!

So I decided to do what all my blogger friends do and track my weekly progress. I think I'll do this Every Monday. (I'm sure it looks familiar, I blog hopped to take the headings hope you don't mind!)

This week!

How Far Along: 12 Weeks 3 days

Size of baby:
baby is the size of a peach

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 5 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Some Pants. Some of my other pants still fit but some were already tight to begin with Ha!
So I bought some work pants and Jeans so I can be Comfy! (I love Mat pants by the way)

Gender: Don't know yet!! Can't Wait to find out! Husband has 3 brothers and I have a sister and brother and way more girl cousins. So I'm happy with a healthy Boy or Girl!

Movement: Nothing yet. But I did feel flutters once when laying down.

Sleep: It's tough, I can't get comfy, On my back is the best but I'm trying to sleep on my sides, it's hard. Weird thing... I always use to sleep on my left side, and now hate it!

Cravings: I had weird cravings in week 7, I mean WEIRD. Like re-fried bean sandwich with eggs! LOL BLAHH!
Right now, not much. More food aversions, than cravings.

Symptoms: I had most symptoms week 6-8
- pimples
-Stuffy nose
-Asthma acted up
- Drooling (

Week 11 I had some heartburn when eating anything citrus.

Week 12 - Everything has passed and so far except the thirst and drooling
lol. I feel just a little nausea in the afternoon (I think when hungry) and Tired just Tired!

Best Moment so far: Seeing the tiny little guy...or girl lol and getting ultrasound pics. I can't stop looking at them!
I think he/she looks like me!

What I'm looking forward to? Everything!!! I'm so happy and excited I can't wait to meet our little one!

What I miss: Nothing yet.

Strange changes: I was always one that chose veggies over fruit and now I'm the opposite!

Some new items:

Little booties!! I bought these on I love them!

I also bought some cream and Oil. I love the oil more. So I will definitely order more of that!

Thank you all for your sweet comments! My sister messaged me today saying how amazing my blogger friends are, and it's true! You all are so amazing! I'm so grateful that I met you all and love that we experience each others journey's together!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My 12 week Ultrasound

I know! I couldn't believe it either!!! I'm so grateful and thank God everyday for this miracle.

After last years MC and trying since then, there were a lot of days I felt down and felt that maybe it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.... But to our surprise! It did! I found out on Feb 25, 2011 and I screamed and cried!!! ahahah Husband and I were soo excited but also worried. So I decided not to spread the news until 12 weeks. Here we are today! My husband was in the room with me and took videos and pictures! Love him!
I can't stop looking at all the pictures! I keep looking at this little ones face and nose and the video of his/hers arms and legs moving around waving Hi to me :) I'm sooo excited and so far loving every moment of being pregnant! All weird symptoms and all! I'm sooo grateful!

My sister and my future BIL bought me this gift today. I can't wait to set it up in the nursery. So far I put pic1 of the ultrasound in there, now it awaits the newborn pic!

Here I am at 12 weeks :)

Current symptoms, food aversions. I becoming a little picky with my food and only know if I want/or don't want it until it's in my face. haha!

So no weight loss talk for a while here. But lots of preggo and baby talk!

Thank you all for the sweet comments too, always makes my day! :)