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Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 15 update!

This week!
How Far Along: 15 weeks 3 days!
Size of baby: Avocado!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 9 lbs (doctor's scale said 12lbs, I'll go with my scale ha!)
Maternity Clothes: Love Mat pants.  I went to buy a couple more pairs on Friday and my SIL also gave me 3 pairs.  She actually gave me 6 pairs but she is taller than me so 3 were extra long)
Gender: ??? I thought I was going to have a 16 week ultrasound, but I was wrong. I think it's at 20 weeks. I need to wait bah! (But I had a dream on the weekend that it was a girl!)
Movement: Flutters! Feeling them much more.
Sleep: Not that great this week. Some back pain and I feel so many pulling sensations in belly so I toss and turn a lot! But I had some days off work to catch up with sleep.
Cravings: Hmm everyday is something different. Still have a lot of food aversions that make me crazy when I'm hungry and have no clue what I want. I like having salads with my meals, and really enjoying ice-cream lol
Symptoms: Headaches are still around especially after I eat. Pulling in the belly and lower back pain.
What I miss: Nothing! Even with all these changes going on I'm extremely excited and can't wait for November. I actually want my belly to show more so I can look more pregnant!
Some new items:
 When I went to the Maternity store Thyme on Friday they gave me this cute onesie for free :)
 And this is not baby related, but I bought these fake flowers for the kitchen today. I think they look so pretty.

Last night my husband took this pic of me (I look pretty preggo here haha!) look at Zoe. I think she is already fighting for attention ahah!

Hope you all have a great Monday. :)