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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring days with my little guy

The weather is finally looking better. Everyday we hit the park to have some fun. I'm seeing a lot of my little guys personality shine while he runs free haha!

He loves going up and down hills, even tiny ones in the pavement, he will go back and forth over them. He jumps over or asks to be picked up over big gaps in the ground (step on a crack and you'll break your mama's back) ha! He knows.

Today he was eager to walk through the mud and puddles, which was great for me when I had to clean his running shoes.

He will not hold my hand ever, if I try he will scream NOOOO ;( big boy doesn't need mama to hold his hand. {insert tears for me}

When baby K wants to learn something He will do it over and over until he gets it. It's amazing to watch him. The other day he was trying to learn to come down the stairs. He was brave too! Taking steps without holding on to anything, we were in front of him of course but he wants to learn so badly to walk down the steps! He will get it soon I'm sure!

Today we went to the zoo and he loved the animals and grunted at them as he walked by. Some park pics below ;)