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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day weekend!

We had a fun filled Mother's Day weekend! I couldn't have asked for anything better! 

Friday night we had an evening walk at the amusement park. 

Little k is always super excited for the weekends ha! He'll ask if he's going to school then gets soo happy when we say no, it's the weekend haha!! 

Saturday we had some errands to run and stopped by our favorite Apple farm for some Mother's Day treats! 

Running around had this one pooped in the afternoon! 

While he slept we decorated the bathroom with some new purchases from the morning! 

We got new bathroom mats and towels, new decor to complete the look! 

Huge huge difference it made!!

This mama is happy!!

Later that evening we decided to go out for dinner. We looked up a New Mexican restsurant in the city and went to enjoy a quiet dinner on a patio. 

The weather was perfect! 

This morning for Mother's Day my boys surprised me with breakfast! I didn't even hear them get up! They let me sleep in and woke me up with breakfast ready for me! How sweet!!!!!!!! 
Love my little man soooooo much!

This afternoon we spent it at my grandparents. All the little kids lovee being with eachother. Cousin love!! 

We ended the day at home with evening Apple pie! And a relaxing evening in. My husband cleaned up and did laundry too! :) it was a perfect Mother's Day!!

Oh and we can't forget Sunday night homework. I love that my little man loves sitting in the office to do his homework. It's just the cutest!! 

Our trip is coming up! I need to get my pack on!!! Ha! 

Have a great week friends!!!! 

Friday, May 08, 2015

25 weeks

25 weeks!!!!

So far  I'm feeling great. Belly is growing, baby is kicking like crazy especially at 11pm daily!!! Ha!!

Baby is about 1.35lbs as per the app. We have a lot of growing to do!!! 

I'm getting close to my third trimester!! 

25 weeks preggo workoufits below! 

Maternity dress pants and blouse. Black and gold wedge, super comfy. 

Maternity tights and blouse, vince Camuto flats. 

Maternity Capri tights and maternity top, scarf with a belt seen on Pinterest, loving this look! Blue wedge shoe, fergalicious! 

The weather is getting great here so it's time to shop for a maternity summer wardrobe asap!!! 

And our family 2015 babymoon trip is coming up soon! Little k is so excited for the plane and the beach!!! 

This weekend it's Mother's Day! 

My little boy made me this adorable flower at school 

He was sooo excited to hand it to me when I picked him up!! Love my boys more than anything in this world! 

Have a great weekend friends!!! And happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Almost 22 weeks!

I feel like the days are flying by! 

There's a little human inside of me! Growing! Moving around in there, it's the best feeling ever. The miracle of life! 

Little k asks questions about the baby, and talks about the baby all the time.  We can't wait to find out if he's getting a baby brother or sister! 

(Kissing the baby) 

I've been sick with a cold for 2 weeks!!!! Today I finally feel better than the rest of those sick days. I'm still so stuffy and coughing but getting better ever so slowly!!

Yesterday I saw my OB and she reassured me that everything is looking great! She also gave me the ok to fly! So finally we will book our vacation before baby!!! Yay!!! 

Today was a beautiful spring day! We had to get out there and enjoy it! 

We went for a nice evening walk! 

So much fun!!! Of course these boys were exploring everything! 

Tonight while the little sleeps and the husband watches a movie, I'm organizing loot bags for the gender reveal party! 

We are soooo excited! Friends and family message me daily about the upcoming party. Getting together with loved ones to share great news is so much fun and everyone is looking forward to it!! 

More to come! 

Have a great week friends! 

Thursday, June 06, 2013

A little ice cream on this rainy cold spring day

Yes, it's rainy and cold here. The weather is clearly confused. It's not fall, summer is around the corner! Right? I hope ha! 

The last couple days have been cold and rainy so we have been having some indoor fun at playlands and baby groups in our area. Baby k loves to just run free and explore. 

At the zoo over the weekend we used the angel wings to keep Kristian from running too far, he is a fast one so in crowds it's a little scary! My niece had hers too so he liked doing what his big cousin was doing. Which is great because now we can go for walks down the street and I don't need to worry about him making a fast one to the street! 

Today we went to visit baby Ella and met my cousin for dessert too. Yum! Funnel cakes! 

Baby K or should I say little K since he is not a baby anymore, is growing sooo fast! His vocabulary is expanding everyday and he surprises me with something new every single day!! Some words I don't recall saying or teaching him! Haha

He is such a big boy wanting to do things on his own and with out mommies help. Like eating an apple on his own or a whole banana without cutting it up. 

He has 3 canines poking thru leaving only 5 more teeth to come. Soon his front smile will be full! 

His smile just melts my heart!!! 

Check me out on Vine Dreamtnm 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun rain or shine

Yesterday was a mix of rain and sun. So we went to the mall for a bit to run around and later in the day we spent it outdoors. Baby k is ok staying in his stroller for a bit, but the second he is out he does not want to get back in. He had fun pushing is stroller through the mall ha!

We bought a water table this year and I'm soo glad we did. Warm weather splashing and playing with water is so much fun for Kristian. He loves it! Video link below too! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Victoria Day long weekend fun!

We did a lot this weekend. We cleaned up and did some house work, had a BBQ party and also had a date night.

My husband and I had a date night Saturday. We went down to the city to one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Mmm the food was delicious! It brought back memories of when we lived in the city. We also got a parking ticket too, ha! The remembered how many tickets a year we use to get when we lived in the city haha! We were on our way to watch a movie and we saw a sign on a restaurant saying it was cuban jazz night. So we decided to go there instead. So happy we did. The night was perfect :)

Sunday night we had guests over for a BBQ party. We had fireworks and we also watched the fireworks from the theme park just north of us. We can see them from our backyard. We love that! The kids didn't like them too much though haha they were too loud for them.

It was a fun weekend. Baby k is sleeping in this morning too ha!

The weather was awesome and we spent a lot of time outdoors. We had a great weekend.

For those in OK hit by the tornado and those fearing tornados in their city. I'm sending my prayers out to all the families.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Sun, fun and blueberry pie!

Today started out dark and rainy, but by the afternoon the sun was shining and it turned out to be a nice warm day!

Baby k loves picking those dandelions, kicking and throwing balls playing on the slide and just exploring the backyard. Of course he would try and pick up ants and put dirt in his mouth ha! Oh boy!

We spent some of the afternoon and evening playing soccer in the backyard with his new net that he had got for his birthday last year!

After hours of playing outside we ended our day with some blueberry pie. Yum!