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Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Days

We almost missed stroller fitness yesterday because baby M was a little under the weather. He has his 4top teeth coming through! 4! He's miserable!!! 
But I figured he could nap in the stroller and the fresh spring air could help.

10 moms come out for stroller fitness. The instructor is amazing. She really pushes us hard! I'm feeling it today! 
Then at the end of our workout we have a little playtime with the kids 

 Michael loved it! Not one peep from him as he enjoyed the outdoors! 

This week I decorated our front porch area. 

I bought new planters with Ferns and a cute wreath. We also bought some boxwood plants to add to the front walkway. 

Just missing some mulch to add around the plants which we will do today. 

I started spring cleaning last week! I have a lot of decluttering and organizing to do!

Have a great weekend friends! Will you do some spring cleaning this weekend too? 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Booty bootcamp workout!

I love the bootcamp class I joined. There are about 15 girls in the class. All different shapes and sizes and all there for the same reason. To break a sweat! And feel great about it! 


Yesterday was focus on your booty Monday! Let's just say I can barely walk today! 

On the weekend I bought new gear. Sports bra, workout tights, tshirts and runners. I found that my Nike runners were causing me to get shin splits. There's a lot of jumping in that class haha so the new addias I bought have more cushion and feel much better! 

It's April but it's cold and windy here! 
So today I decided it was still ok to wear black tights to work. I think I have till May 1st ha!

What I wore to work:
Skirt:Tristan. Blouse with beads, can't see in picture: Mexx. Tights:Spanx. Blazer: Suzy sheir. Shoes: Guess

What I wore in the pm. 

Jacket: Guess. Jeans: Mavi.
Shoes: MK 

Again, it's still so chilly. So spring jackets are a must, along with a scarf and an umbrella haha.

Even with the chilly weather we still make it to the park. Enjoying how close the park is to us right now before we move! 

Love this sweet boy soo much! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring days with my little guy

The weather is finally looking better. Everyday we hit the park to have some fun. I'm seeing a lot of my little guys personality shine while he runs free haha!

He loves going up and down hills, even tiny ones in the pavement, he will go back and forth over them. He jumps over or asks to be picked up over big gaps in the ground (step on a crack and you'll break your mama's back) ha! He knows.

Today he was eager to walk through the mud and puddles, which was great for me when I had to clean his running shoes.

He will not hold my hand ever, if I try he will scream NOOOO ;( big boy doesn't need mama to hold his hand. {insert tears for me}

When baby K wants to learn something He will do it over and over until he gets it. It's amazing to watch him. The other day he was trying to learn to come down the stairs. He was brave too! Taking steps without holding on to anything, we were in front of him of course but he wants to learn so badly to walk down the steps! He will get it soon I'm sure!

Today we went to the zoo and he loved the animals and grunted at them as he walked by. Some park pics below ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

A beautiful Sunday

 Sunday we had amazing weather!! And this week it will continue!

We went to the zoo in the park for a walk.

Baby K loved seeing the animals. He was concentrating on all the different sounds and scenery.

Spring is here! I'm excited to spend more days outdoors!

After Saturday night, being out 9 hours without nursing, I was in sooo much pain!! I had to pump many times during the day and finally I leveled it out. Yikes! I can't do that again. Not when I'm use to nursing every 2-3 hours!

Last night baby K slept soo well! I was sooo happy because I needed it! I didn't end up sleeping till 5am from the party the day before!

He slept a 4.5 hour stretch then 3, then another 3! happy mama!

Hope you all had a great weekend!