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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

21 weeks!

How far along: coming up to 21weeks! 

Weight gain: 16lbs so far eek!

Cravings: not much, I've been sick for a week now and I don't have any taste or or sense of smell! Fun for a preggo ha!

Size of baby: length of a carrot! 

Movement: this little one is active!! Much more that little k was at this time.

I can't get enough of the ultrasound pic! 
How can you not be so in love with a precious little life!! 

Best feeling: baby moving all around and little k being Soo interested in his baby brother or sister. I love cuddling with my boys every night getting so much love. We love this little one so much and can't wait to shower him/her with lots of love when he/she arrives in August! 

Love my boys!! And once we find out the gender let's see if I'll still be saying just boys! Haha. 

Happy Wednesday  friends! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

21 weeks pregnant today!


This week!
How Far Along: 21 weeks!
Size of baby: Papaya
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 17lbs gain (yikes!)
Movement: Flutters a little more often now.
Sleep: I'm out when my head hits the pillow until the alarm rings.
Cravings: Everything haha! but still not wanting too much of any meat.
Best Moment so far: Finding out it's a Boy!
Some new items:
I went to visit a friend that I hadn't seen for 8 years! We caught up and chatted like no years had passed. It was really nice. She got me these cute gifts (minus Zoe's head in the pic)

Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary :) We went to a delicious Italian restaurant called Zaffarano's  :) we had fried calamari to start and my dish was a seafood risotto husband had a seafood pasta followed by tiramisu dessert Yum! The staff was soo nice there and our waiter brought us 2 free shots with the bill ahahha I told them I was pregnant and couldn't drink that, he understood ahahaha. 
After dinner we went to watch Midnight in Paris. We really enjoyed the movie.  Have you seen it?