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Friday, June 17, 2011

Finding out...

I was a little upset at last weeks "doctors" scheduled ultrasound. The technician was not friendly at all.  (I already knew it was a boy, because I paid for an ultrasound at UC baby) but I didn't say anything to the tech. All she said was "It's probably a boy, I see something between the legs" She showed me the small screen for a second and turned it away. She printed 2 fuzzy face pics and when I asked for better ones she said NO. Rude! I was sooo glad that I did not have that as my experience of finding out the sex of the baby. whew!

At 18 weeks husband and I were too excited and couldn't wait for the doctors ultrasound so we went to UC baby just around the corner from my home...ok we paid $200 for it (pretty expensive), but it was the BEST experience!

We seen the baby on a big screen moving around and sucking his thumb it was soo cute. Finding out it was a boy through that experience was amazing.  We also got 3 print outs and a whole CD of  pics of our little man. So I'm now telling friends to do the same to find out the sex of their babies instead of finding out through the cheesy lab machines. My opinion only of course :) But husband and I were happy we did it, and would do it again for later pregnancies :)