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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mom talk, Love my baby boy

 I just love my little boy. Everyday he grows so much and does something new. It's such an amazing feeling. I never thought about how it would actually feel to be a mom. Some days are a little more hectic than others, but when your little baby smiles at you, it's the most heart melting incredible feeling.
 As a parent, especially a new parent, you are always looking up information, reading asking other moms what they do... but I realized that every mom does things their own way and which ever way works best for them. There is no wrong way of doing things... just your way, and that makes it right for you. You will see some moms saying dates of how early their baby hit certain milestones or talk sleep or eating milestones as if it's a competition it's hilarious. Or rushing their babies to hit milestones.Or not holding your baby because they will get spoiled (I've had moms make comments to me about attending to my crying baby) ... Our babies won't be babies forever! But every parents has their own ways. All babies and parents have their own growth and lifestyle. As long as mom, dad and baby are happy it's allll that matters. :)

While I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but I was also open to formula feeding as well. The first week of baby K's life while my milk supply wasn't fully in yet I did both, formula and breast milk. Then the second week I started to exclusively breastfeed. I had ups and downs the first month, lots of unknowns but here we are now going on to 4 months and I am still breastfeeding and loving it! I use to have a timeline, like "I'll only breastfeed for 3 months" or "6 months" but now I have no dates. As long as my milk is there, I will breastfeed until baby and I are ready to stop, no dates! :) This makes me happy.
Babbling in the car.
 Before I had a baby I hated being late to places and usually was the first one to arrive. If I was late it would be because of traffic or something out of my hands. Now with my baby.... ha! it is tough getting somewhere right on time. We do pretty well most days... but today was different... today was salsa fitness class. Baby was sleeping as I got ready. I was dressed in my workout clothes, ready to go.  I woke up baby to feed and change him. We were running a little late, but not too late. Then I changed the baby, I turned around to get his diaper, turned back, heard the baby pass gas, looked down...... and omg! poo was everywhere! All over my clothes, the bed, the carpet, furniture... it squirted everywhere! How the... haha. I was in shock! I just stood still and didn't know what to do! It was soo much to clean up, we missed class. boo! I couldn't help but laugh, so did baby K. hahaha.

Silly baby. I love this cute adorable squishy little boy, even if he did poo all over me. haha!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

37 weeks pregnant update!

This week!
How Far Along: 37 weeks!

Size of baby: FULL TERM!

Movement: Lots of movement and hiccups

Sleep: Up more often because of pressure on my bladder!

Cravings: CHOCOLATE!

Symptoms: Same as last week. Joints are sore.

Best Moment so far: Setting up the Nursery! Check it out!

What I'm looking forward to? Meeting my little boy's little face!

Yesterday I went on a tour of the Labour and Delivery Ward in the hospital.  There were about 15 couples on the tour. Lots of preggos!

They showed us where to check in when we get there and the actual delivery rooms. They are not too big and only allow at most 2 people. I will have only my husband in the delivery room so it's ok. They also have Jacuzzi's and birth balls if I want to use them.  I seen the delivery bed and the huge lights that will shine down when delivery is happening. EEK!!!

They also have a baby warmer station within the room.  If baby is healthy and doesn't need any urgent care then they keep the baby in the same room for tests and clean up :) Once delivery is over they will then transfer me to another area where family and friends can visit :) We have large families so I requested a Private room, but my hospital only has 3, and it's first come first serve. So we'll see I guess. 

It felt so real walking through the delivery area, and I thought, OMG I'm gonna HAVE A BABY!! haha. The new babies were crying too, and new dads out in the halls holding their little bundles with big smiles on their faces. So sweet. I felt so emotional.

Now that I'm 37 weeks the baby is considered full term. He can now come any time he likes! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Baby Boy's Nursery!

Some outfits in your closet and lots of blankies

2 drawers full of onesies, 1 drawer of socks and hats and 1 drawer full of bibs and wash cloths!

All your shoes!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Lots of Pacifiers!



Lots to put away!

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Baby Shower!

Yesterday was my Baby Shower!

My Sister organized it and she is the one that did the baking too! Looks awesome huh!

Lots of pics below!

 I have a huge family.  We had 65 people in total. We rented this old town hall to hold the event and it was perfect. It was a fun afternoon!

 I got everything and anything for baby K, you name it, I got it!

 My niece was my little helper, she loved opening all the gifts.
 Lots and lots...

I have all the baby things scattered around, I put most things away in my hallway closet aka Baby stuff closet.  Some things for later use in the basement ,and of course all the clothes in the basement ready to be washed. I have a big basket full of blankets, and 1 laundry basket over flowing with newborn to 3 month clothes and another basket for 6-9 month clothes. 

Baby K is soo loved and everyone is soo excited to meet him! We are so blessed with amazing family and friends. 

I also got many gift cards, so next purchase will be a good Breast pump!

Friday, September 02, 2011

31 weeks pregnant photos! And my update.

This week!
How Far Along: 31 Weeks!
Size of baby: Almost 4lbs!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Yaaa I think I won't share that anymore, I really don't want to bother stepping on that scale haha!

Maternity Clothes: Still fitting this belly and bum into regular and mat clothes.  Can't wait for Fall! I have a long shopping list! As well as shoe shopping. I'm up a whole shoe size!
Movement: Baby moves a lot when I listen to Adele! He has good taste.
Sleep: This week was tough! Spine hurts! I guess belly is pretty heavy, so getting comfy is awkward.
Symptoms: Swelling :( I'm beginning to get the puffy hands and feet. boo!

Wednesday I went to drop off my pre-admission papers at the hospital! EEE! 9 weeks to go! I'm soo excited, a little nervous but wayyy more excited! I feel like time is going to go even faster now and I have soo much to still prepare for our little guy!

 Some new items I picked up this week:
Onesies and I saw this piggy bank at Winners so picked it up instead of ordering online. 

Next week I'm going for an ultrasound to see our little guy. I can't wait! 

Hope you all have a great Long Weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cute Baby Boy Clothes

After I did all the laundry for baby K I counted all the outfits too. I noticed that I have lots of 3 month clothes and only 1 NB outfit and no 3-6 month clothes. So I decided now that every time I go out I must buy a couple outfits for him :)

I'm not sure how many NB clothes he will need? (moms?) And does 0-3 mean it will fit him as NB too?

I know it will depend on his size. But I do want to be prepared! :)

Here are some cute outfits I picked up at Winners and Bonnie Togs :)
Bonnie Togs NB

Winners 3-6months

Winners 0-3 months

Winners 0-3 months

A gift from my cousins :)

Swaddler blankies and a cute outfit! :)

Baby clothes are soo super cute!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Finally decided on nursery decor!

So I finally decided on nursery decor! Maybe it's the hormones but I just could not decide on the decor I wanted. I had lots of ideas and thought  I knew what I wanted but it all made me crazy and I even cried when I would visualize it. So today, with the help of my sister and husband I finally decided on what I will be going with! I pictured the decor in both spare rooms (just in case I change my mind on which room his nursery will be in) And I can visualize the decor in both rooms perfectly!

What do you think!

This is the bedding I already have from Toys R us

Wall decals, I will choose brown/beige/blue colors.

Nursery Set, not sure if this one exactly but I do want the hutch and glider :)

 And of course his little savings plan ahahh.