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Monday, December 26, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

 My sweet boy's first Christmas!

We had a wonderful weekend with our families. Christmas eve we spent with my side of the family. Our family is growing so instead of cooking for soo many of us we ordered food. We had two different types of pastas, veggies and seafood. It was delicious! Christmas day we spent with my husbands side and enjoyed a delicious Turkey lunch.

 Kristian received sooo many great gifts! lots of toys and lots of clothes! I just did 2 loads of laundry just for him! He also got 7 pairs of shoes too haha!
 This was our gift to baby Kristian this year. A casting of his little 6 week feet. I love it! We put it up in his room :)
We got this done with
My SIL gave me a gift certificate towards a baby massage class. I'm so excited to sign up in the new year!

We had a really good weekend and I'm soo happy that baby Kristian is now a part of our lives, I love him sooo much!

Last night my little boy was coughing. I was feeling pretty stressed out about it. I'm also monoritung him for a virus my little niece was just diagnosed with yesterday. I'm praying so hard that he doesnt catch it. My little niece is soo sick and in so much pain from the Coxsackie virus. Praying my sweet niece feels better soon!

Hope you all had a great Christmas